How to protect your debit card from being hacked

Nowadays more and more users are moving to the online market. This implies the use of other payment methods such as credit or debit cards. Below are different ways on How to protect your debit card from being hacked

How to protect your debit card from being hacked

What can become a risk to be possible victims of a cyber scam if the appropriate security measures are not taken.

3 Ways Showing How to protect your debit card from being hacked

Today we are giving you some advice to protect your debit card and your bank account from possible hacking. Stay with Us and protect you.

  1. What is debit card hacking?

Credit and debit cards have become the main target of many hacker groups to steal massive information from the data banks of companies and banks.

However, the attacks can also be on a small scale,

A debit card hacking is a cyberattack, by which an individual or group invades a confidential data system in order to steal if you don’t know How to protect your debit card from being hacked.

Alter or destroy private information with which they can obtain profit.

  1. How can a debit card hack happen?

First we have to mention Phishing, that is the most used form of hacking used by hackers. This consists of sending messages through email, SMS or calls posing as a bank. This in order to obtain data from a bank account, debit or credit cards.

Cybersecurity experts warn that malicious links on the internet are another of the most common ways that criminals try to steal our financial data.

For example through an email they send you a promotion to a well-known store. It can be a gift, a big discount or a promotion.

By following this link you will go to an impersonated store,not the legitimate one

In which when trying to buy it is we ourselves who will enter our data.

The way to avoid this is to enter the full name of the store you want to go to in the browser and not follow any links.

And last but not least.

We must mention, the dangers in porn websites since it’s in these pages where most of the cyber threats lurk.

It’s important that you don’t enter any financial content on this type of website.

3. tips to protect your debit card from a hack.

We already know the methods used by hackers to obtain your financial information.

Now read carefully to know how you can avoid them. Here’s best ways on how to protect your debit card from being hacked

Avoid Phishing
To protect debit cards from a Cyberattack it is necessary to know the tools that hackers use.

Phishing, or identity theft, is a method by which the cyber attacker

Sends a false email posing as the bank and requesting your debit card or bank account information.

They send you a link that directs you to a page similar to that of your bank,

But false, so that you feel confident and enter your debit card information.

They then use your information to extract the money from your account.

In view of this, banks always warn their clients that

They never send emails with external links or requesting confidential information.

Therefore do not enter your financial information in this type of websites.

Detect fake calls
If you receive a call from “your bank” requesting information from your bank account or debit card to verify your details or make an offer.

The most prudent thing is not to give it or reject the offer.

It may be a false call and a hacker is trying to steal your debit card data.

Cyber attackers call you, offer you very attractive goods and services and ask for your debit card information to buy or hire them.

They tell you it’s for a limited time or whatever to get you to fall for the trick. Never give your debit card information over the phone.

Avoid public connections
To protect your debit card it’s essential that you never enter your card details to make purchases or any other movement on a public access computer or with a free WiFi connection.

It’s one of the most common ways hackers use to steal your debit card information through a Cyberattack.

Use only secure websites
Do not buy from any website.

Verify that it is the web address of a recognized online store, business or sales company before entering your debit card information to buy from them.

To do this, verify that the page has the letters “https” in front of the domain and has a security certificate.

Use a good antivirus
Even accessing from your personal computer, you could be the victim of a debit card cyber attack. This is why you must have a good antivirus installed and always updated to avoid the famous Trojan viruses, a malicious program that enters your computer and allows a purchase.

In addition to this, you should avoid downloading pirated content or entering suspicious advertisements since you can download a virus on your computer that allows you to carry out a Cyberattack and steal your data.

Don’t save passwords
Avoid saving passwords or activating the auto-complete option when entering your bank details.

You can enter your browser settings and enter the Passwords section to deactivate all information related to your debit cards and thus protect them from a Cyberattack.

Don’t save passwords
Banking institutions often alert users to certain movements, for example a possible password change attempt.

They must be attentive to any unauthorized activity and always be aware of the movements that are made in the bank account, especially online payments

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