How to Open Any Zambian Bank Account

Thinking towards saving money can become problematic sometimes. Probably your job is making money online. Hence headaches might develop due to stressing on which account suits the needs. Either for business, savings, or foreign currency account. This is how to open your account with just the right requirements and benefits. Online and day-to-day jobs both need a good bank account, one that provides fast account opening done within minutes. Our guide shows how to open a Bank account In Zambia of any type.

Its very common in Africa, and western European countries, more especially without knowing exactly where one should begin from saving money. Don’t worry, here’s how to open your Bank account in Zambia. Bank savings and deposits opening procedure in Zambia, including the prerequisites is similar with each Bank branch. There over 50 best Banks, hence, despite having so many different types of accounts, whether Dollar or Kwacha account. You’re free to open with any bank in Zambia depending on your preference. Therefore, you will learn how to open a Bank account In Zambia online within 24 hours.

How to open a bank account online

Account opening for online banking is the easiest. First and foremost, you only need to find bank of your choice. Visit an online platform, signup and confirm registration. Another option, includes downloading and installing the mobile banking App. But, since we cover this later in the section. Here’s what these banks can offer.

Local Banks have a variety of accounts you can choose from. Main ones been a Savings, interest-checking, checking as well. personal mostly offered, alongside fixed deposit, which accumulates interest. Receive online payments through these accounts and linking to PayPal is achieve within minutes.

Finally another popular account is a student account and certificates of deposit. A student savings has an advantage in Zambia, due to the fact its billed differently compared to these other deposits. Minimum currency book balance is anything from 50.00 ZMK to 150.00 ZMK maximum with any financial institution in Zambia.

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Having covered most commonly used types of accounts offered by commercial Banks. Its advisable for a student choosing student deposits-accounts, which provides an advantage compared to holding a regular account. Settle school fees, pay DSTV bills, purchase goods, receive payments, etc. They have good rates and In this guide, you will learn how to open a Bank account online in Zambia.Its unlimited what one can do with a good bank account.

Types of Bank Accounts In Zambia

So, depending on whatever is your reasons for saving, there’s an account for just anything. Here is a list for any kind of savings account you need. These are different types of bank accounts in Zambia you can open an account. Therefore, these are rated best top registered commercial Banks.

BANK NAMEBest AccountsGood AccountsOther Accounts Final Accounts
1. ABSABonus Savings AccountInstant Savings AccountTarget Save
2. ZANACOZanaco Savers AccountTreasure Chest AccountSavings AccountFixed Deposit Account
3. FNB (Zambia)Smart AccountFuture AccountCopper Account
4. STANBIC BANKFixed Deposit AccountCall Account.Hippo AccountPuresave Account
5. INDO BANKTisunge Savings Tonse SavingsClassic Savings

Accounts above have a special distinctive features and offers which include earning of credit interest. Other privileges include free funeral insurance, easy access to Banks that offer student loans in Zambia and more. Commercial banks have assurance of security for your assets and legal tenders, with free currency exchange and conversion cost.

Requirements For Opening a Bank account in Zambia

Before you even approach any of the Branches or through tendering an online Bank opening application for your savings. Moreover, ensure you have these necessary documentation ready.You must have the following requirements to have your Zambian Bank account opened.

  1. National registration card (NRC): Required to provide a document that proves real identity. This document must be original copy not fake. For non-Zambian residents one must provide a traveling passport or foreign identity card. Its an essential document needed to open an account in Zambia.
  2. Must be 18 at least years and above: Account holders required to produce a green national registration card, collected from the age of 16 years. Without a National registration card, you can only apply through a relative or guardian to open an account on your behalf.
  3. Proof of address and location: Equally important, provide a location, plot number, street name and post address to have your location in the Bank database. Done for easy tracking of account holders, in case of fraudulent activity or suspicious account activity.
  4. Two Passport size photos (current): Passport sized photos importantly needed for Bank profiling. You must provide your own in advance.
  5. Opening account balance: Consequently every new savings holder must pay a certain fee to have there account activated. This deposit depends on the account type. In Zambia account opening fee (Book balance) is from 50.00 ZMK to 700 ZMK maximum.

How to open a Company Bank account In Zambia

If You wish To open a Bank account for your Company in Zambia, you must provide these documents.

  1. Company profile: Businesses required to provide the company profile that shows what the company is about and daily activities for that business.
  2. ZRA Tax form: Proof of paying taxes needed for business account opening to give the bank a better understand of your income, its source and annual net revenue.
  3. PACRA documents: Company registration proof must be provide. This includes for a private limited company or just a business.
  4. Identification documents (NRC or passport): National registration card needed for local based company owners or passport for foreign Nationals doing business in the country.
  5. Current Address confirmation: Its a requirement to provide address for your business and P.O Box

How to open a Bank Account online in Zambia

Thus the most quickest way of opening a funds storage for personal use is through the internet online, and via a mobile device. Hence within minutes of making a request your funds stored on any of these institutions. Therefore: To open your Bank account online follow the following instructions:

  1. Choose a Bank of your choice: Zambia has over 20 local and foreign based commercial banks. Find one that meets your banking needs.
  2. Go to a main Bank website: Search the name of the Bank online. Link to the home page should pop up, on the home page.
  3. Choose open account: You will be prompted with more account options to choose from. Mostly personal, business and corporate account. Click personal if that’s your preferable Banking account type.
  4. Enter your details: A form will pop up after choosing the type of account. Including full names on the green nation registration card (NRC). Enter your phone number, personal address and email. Remember to upload copies of your identity documents and other requirements.
  5. Wait for approval: Additionally, online registration must be manually approved by Bank personnel. Mostly within 24 hours you should receive a call confirming your application success.
  6. Deposit Money: Finally make a first deposit on any branch near you or ATM to activate the account.

Choose from links below to open your Bank account online: Which Bank is good for you?

Online Banking DomainsFNB Zanaco Absa Indo BankStandard Chartered Bank Stanbic Bank Zambia

Congratulations! you have successfully registered your account online within seconds. Automatically online banking will start to serve you, which can be linked with PayPal. Allowing banking and foreign transacting through internet. ATM’s money transfer make the process easy, cutting on ques and waiting stress granting fast accessible online loans. Online banking systems must be used for security reasons and efficiency.

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