20 Online Businesses to Make Money in Nigeria

This article shares untapped and profitable best online business in Nigeria today. Eager to learn new ways of how to make money online in Nigeria?. We explore best online business in Nigeria 2021 and see whats working from whats not (Also Read: How to make money online in Nigeria). These best online business ideas will help you to earn money passive. Scale your business, do comparisons and become successful.

We help you through our beginner guide for best online business in Nigeria. Ways to find a proper online business plan, what should be your target audience, customers and niche jobs to make money from home.

These online paying jobs in Nigeria are worth it, gives you a job from home, income independence. These high paying online jobs can be done from home on your computer. Its a good investment for yourself, even in the long run. But make sure it takes off first. You’re conformable, before jumping on to the next venture.

Which Online Business is Profitable in Nigeria?

Profitable methods of making money online, include: Blogging, Virtual Assistant, Online Coaching, Web designer, graphic designer, YouTube, blogging, selling course, translating, drop shipping, and flipping website for sale. other online business that pays daily.

Without any further ado, lets begin with how to make money online in Nigeria. Don’t miss best online business in Nigeria, and online business in Nigeria for students, daily income business in and available online paying jobs for 2021: So what is the best online business in Nigeria?

Top 20 Online Business That Pays In Nigeria

Find below online business that pays fast, considered successful online businesses. Here’s 20 Awesome Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria:

1. Virtual Assistant

There so many people and entrepreneurs out there looking for virtual assistants. Virtual assistant entails running another business and doing everything remotely. Learn in and out of someones business and scale to been a business manager. Its number one on how to make money online in Nigeria. Resource for this include LinkedIn, Craigslist and Indeed. Its so necessary and so in demand right now. The thing about been a Virtual assistant, there’s no need of meeting with business owners and can be done remotely from home.

2. Social Media Manager

The second on the list for online jobs that pay in Nigeria is managing people’s social accounts. Its important for online business, personal accounts and entrepreneurs. Its second on How to make money online in Nigeria, because you can charge up to $200.00 per hour. Learn these on online sources. Master how to make people’s social presence more appealing, get more following and profitable.

3. Graphic Designer

In Nigeria, today looking at the economy. Its fast rising in technology, therefore most businesses need graphic designer to help them with images, logos and good illustrations. Its our number three on How to make money online in Nigeria. Due to the fact, this job is not local. Customers can be found worldwide form UK, India, China and USA.Check out Fiverr and see how much graphic designers are making online. We recommend this platform due to its prestigious track record of people making over $r000 each day.

4. Web Designing

Web Designers make more money online, compared to daily jobs that you might be struggling with. I remember when I began my website development job. I knew nothing but after making my fist website in Zambia. That helped me master the techniques needed to become a web developer and designer.

From there take few online courses if possible to broaden your knowledge. Check out resources that teach how to become a web designer. Among a few I know is Codecademy, YouTube and Freecodecamp. Its one of the best jobs in the world, hence becoming a developer is one of the best decisions you can never regret. Therefore;

5. YouTube

Make money on YouTube online passively through content creation. Its important getting videos to rank, get monetized after reaching the requirements for monetization. Read “how to make money on YouTube“, we highly recommend this, especially for complete beginners. Make sure people are in need of content been created. Check in Google trends and YouTube videos with over a million views, then you can create a niche form there to make income.

6. Blogging

Having a blog has turned into one the highest paying online sources of passive income. Website make money through content blog posts, that can be monetized with adverts. Another way of how to make money online in Nigeria is done through guest posting and selling courses on your website. Blogging is the leading lucrative online business in Nigeria today.

7. Selling Courses

The sixth way of how to make money from home in Nigeria, involves turning your knowledge into courses. Digital courses have excelled from old days when people did not rely on the internet for learning to earning degrees online. Teach online courses and sale them for up to 5000per course.

Combining your teaching curriculum courses with YouTube online education, can generate over a thousand dollars for you if properly done. Udemy is a good place to get stated with making money by selling online courses. People are always on need of knowledge and providing you, creates more demand for whats been offered.

8. SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization has been the most searched term in the world. Businesses are always looking for ways to rank online. According to BBC UK, actually people through this job, make over $300 in the United states of America per client?. Its number on how to make money online in Nigeria, because you only need to learn about optimizing websites for searches.

9. Translating

Do you speak more than one language, well if that’s the case hen you’re very lucky. How to make money from home in Nigeria and Africa is been done through translating. Chinese, French and English are the trending languages in the world. For instance most Chinese speaking people need to help them communicate in English. This is a well paying Job, especially for corporate business men and companies looking for people.

10. Selling Websites

Have got a question for you, “how much do you think this website is worth?.” In case you’re wondering why I asked. Its because one of my favorite ways of making money online in Africa, is through selling of websites. I sold over five websites for over $10,000 in the past. Proof can be seen from income school’s founders, Jim and Ricky. These two online business guru’s have been building website for life and selling to make millions of dollars every year.

11. Create an E commerce

Finally if you have an idea of what you can sale electronically through buying and selling platform will make money for you. Drops-shipping from the USA to Nigeria on your online store has proven profitable. This resources covers the most advanced ways people are making money through the web, and not just online Jobs that pay in Nigeria.

12. Open Online Store

Make an online store to start selling products. Most websites such as E bay, make billions from selling customer products. Hence starting your own store is a very good way of how to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

13. SEO Company Business

Search engine optimization, regarded the face of search engines can make you more income. Most businesses have become certificated on SEO. Learning Search engine optimization is a high paying job on how to make money online in Nigeria as a student. Search engine optimization involves optimizing the website, or a page for ranking and targeted search terms you want to rank for during online searches.

14. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a way of selling products for a manufacturer without keeping them in stock. You sale a product, buyer pays, then you contact the producer or manufacture and they send those products to buyers. Through Drop shipping, people act as middle men who help producers sale products.

15. E Book Selling

Bloggers and authors with good publications and online courses have opportunities to sale E-Book. Popular places Amazon have more people in search of information. I know of people making 500 dollars minimum for selling books online.

16. Online Coaching

Teaching and learning move cogently in our society. Its an extraordinary thing most people everyday taking online courses to learn things and get degrees. Through the internet and platforms like Udemy, reaches worldwide audience interested in learning skills on demand. And the innovative devices bring education to a new digital level.

Education has become more effective online, easy and available to almost everyone. These Online learning platforms providing jobs and opportunities. Just open an account, on any online education platform to make cash from your online business.

17. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, provides for those involved in content marketing, creating and sharing of information through social media to make some money. Commonly used platforms, include or social networks been Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, etc. Not everyone understands how to run a Facebook page for instance, hence having a Social media marketing company can make you so much money in that your online business.

18. Sponsored Content

Companies and people pay to have there post displayed on the website. You can make money online, through a banner ad, an article and sometimes a video which you can share on your YouTube channel and Facebook account.

Website charges a minimum of (N100,000) for ad posting on there Facebook page which has over 1 million followers. Not inclusive with Google Adsense and any other monetization company having ads served on the website. This method of how to make money online in Nigeria as a student. Ivites companies interested in spoored content, dealers, fashion designers, mobile companies and restaurants.

19. Article Writing

If you’re a great content writer with a voice on any topic you can find online platforms that pay for guest articles. Check out guestposttracker to find people, available clients looking for post writers and bloggers. How much one earns, depends on article amount of words and company conditions. Did you know even BBC.com pays online publishers for content? Its very easy if you’re just skilled in any topic.

20. Sell Digital Products

Digital products selling is the most common way people use to make money blogging in the world. You just need to have a passion for something. If you are a music producer you can sale beats online on your blog. Sale online courses, eBooks, plugins, word press themes if you are a developer. Products sold online includes plugins, software, apps and how to guides.

Individuals are always on the look out to find a digital product that helps them learn something. I personally first purchased an online course on how to play a guitar. Digital products a good way of streaming some income from your platform rather than selling others people products to your visitors

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