How to Make Money Online in Botswana

How can I make money online in Botswana?, We asked some of our readers from Botswana. After doing our survey on which online jobs make money online in Botswana. We were able to find profitable online business in Botswana, despite Covid19 cases, affecting its economy and paid online surveys. Nigerian students have benefited, Zambians and those from Zimbabwe are making money online as well. Don’t be left out, because those based in other African nations, such as South Africa keep making money online. Hence you can also manage, choose what you want, develop a plan and get started. Importantly after reading, remember to drop your comment if you have further questions!

How can I make Money Online in Botswana?

To help you, We asked your question to some residents to provide unique, untapped ways people in Botswana make money online? Luckily, one agreed and said, “I will reveal how I make money online in Botswana”. With this article, it should be easy for you to get started, Since most people today want to learn how to make money fast in Botswana. Therefore you have other people to consult form as well.

Otherwise, according to Sebusisiwe Tsompie on how to make money online in Botswana these are the best ways available. This has been the best advice, coming from a professional blogger, content creator and You Tuber. For over 10 years, through monetization, and freelance works, he’s earned over 31,000 Botswana Pula, working online from home. Botswana’s top freelancer Sebusisiwe, said, “you can make money online in Botswana through blogging, freelance works, YouTube, social media marketing, drop shipping, selling websites on Flippa, article writing, affiliates, online apps, etc.

This guide is for you, if you have been wondering, how can I make money online in Botswana?. Learn form your fellow Botswana resident Sebusisiwe Tsompie.

best online business in nigeria
best online business in Nigeria

Here’s 11 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in Botswana

Learn how I make money online in Botswana today and start your online businesses. Simple best tips for beginners to make passive income online working home.

1. Blogging

Making a blog that makes money online is the most easiest way of how to make money online in Botswana. Online marketers for years have used blogs, websites and other platforms to make some income.

  • Google Ad sense

Google Ad sense is a program by google that pays publishers with websites or blogs for placing, auto generated ads on there websites. Advertisers bid to have there ads on these websites. Each website receives 40% of the income generated.

  • Affiliates

Affiliate programs widely used as well for making money. But in Africa most Affiliates companies pay less than compared to other countries. Amazon affiliates pays content writers and publishers for promoting products. After each sale, publishers receive a certain commission form any item sold online through an Affiliate link.

Mainly having a blog, means making money through two common methods. Ads and affiliates the most popular ones are; how to make money online in Botswana through a blog is easy. You only need web hosting, template and niche that’s profitable.

2. Freelance Web Developer

Web development another well paying job for how to make money online in Botswana. Go and study programming or teach yourself how to be a programmer. Learn basic programming languages, HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. On Fiverr you can sale those freelance skills, because its an online marketplace. Just basic knowledge in web designing and development. You can be making over $1000 on your online business.

3. YouTube

YouTube monetization has been the second way for how to make money online in Botswana. Its trended on ways to make money online for most businesses. Just need a YouTube channels, videos and subscribers to start making income through ads. YouTube pays publishers for placing ads on there videos shred on the platform. So, every time someone watches any particular video to earn money.

If you want to learn how to make money online in Botswana through YouTube. First of all you must join the YouTube partner program (YPP) . Threshold holds money, until you reach $100 dollars minimum. You need 1K subscribers to monetize with YouTube and 4,000 views on your channel.

4. Start SEO Business

Search engine optimization, regarded the face of search engines can make you more income. Most businesses have become certificated on SEO. Learning Search engine optimization is a high paying job on how to make money online in Botswana. Search engine optimization involves optimizing the website, or a page for ranking and targeted search terms you want to rank for during online searches.

5. Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping is a way of selling products for a manufacturer without keeping them in stock. You sale a product, buyer pays, then you contact the producer or manufacture and they send those products to buyers. Through Drop shipping, people act as middle men who help producers sale products.

6. E Book Selling

Bloggers and authors with good publications and online courses have opportunities to sale E-Book. Popular places Amazon have more people in search of information. I know of people making 500 dollars minimum for selling books online.

7. Online Coaching

Teaching and learning move cogently in our society. Its an extraordinary thing most people everyday taking online courses to learn things and get degrees. Through the internet and platforms like Udemy, reaches worldwide audience interested in learning skills on demand. And the innovative devices bring education to a new digital level.

Education has become more effective online, easy and available to almost everyone. These Online learning platforms providing jobs and opportunities. Just open an account, on any online education platform to make cash from your online business.

8. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, provides for those involved in content marketing, creating and sharing of information through social media to make some money. Commonly used platforms, include or social networks been Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, etc. Not everyone understands how to run a Facebook page for instance, hence having a Social media marketing company can make you so much money in that your online business.

9. Sponsored Content

Companies and people pay to have there post displayed on the website. You can make money online, through a banner ad, an article and sometimes a video which you can share on your YouTube channel and Facebook account.

Website charges a minimum of 100 Pula for ad posting on there Facebook page which has over 1 million followers. Not inclusive with Google Adsense and any other monetization company having ads served on the website. This method of how to make money online. Invites companies interested in spoored content, dealers, fashion designers, mobile companies and restaurants.

If you’re a great content writer with a voice on any topic you can find online platforms that pay for guest articles. Check out guestposttracker to find people, available clients looking for post writers and bloggers. Did you know even pays online publishers for content? Its very easy if you’re just skilled in any topic. How much one earns, depends on article amount of words and company conditions.

10. Sell Digital Products

Digital products selling is the most common way people use to make money blogging in the world. You just need to have a passion for something. If you are a music producer you can sale beats online on your blog. Sale online courses, eBooks, plugins, word press themes if you are a developer. Products sold online includes plugins, software, apps and how to guides.

Individuals are always on the look out to find a digital product that helps them learn something. I personally first purchased an online course on how to play a guitar. Digital products a good way of streaming some income from your platform rather than selling others people products to your visitors.

11. Selling Your Blog

After establishing a blog apart from monetization, you can sale it online. Yes selling of starter and established websites is another way of making money from a blog and online business. Visit and for more information on this online business. These are two leading website brokers with people ready to buy your blog. Once you have a website with visitors, having high search engine ranking. You can visit one of these websites above and place it on sale either direct or through auction bidding.

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