How to Make Money Online in Africa

Right now people have been looking for ways to earn and how to make money from home in Africa 2021. But I’m not going to say this is possible over night. Hence this guide is meant for making money online, great for both beginner and intermediate, or experts. We’re exploring possible and legit ways of how to make money online in Africa today.

Some online Jobs that pay in African require skill sets, growth of business and inspiration to keep you going. Hard work is also very important and in case you’re a blogger (Read how to make money with a website). I have been working from my house for over 7 years now and I remember when I was starting out.

It was hard finding resources on building a home career and ways on how to make money from home in Africa.

Make Money Online in Africa With Jobs that Pay

But after a journey of persistence, reading books, going through articles and visiting amazing websites that I could find for online businesses. I finally managed to scale my income from making r100 to more than I expected.

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This has been from different income streams on my daily basis. Its worth it, gives a job from home, income independence, no need looking for government jobs. And finally, these high paying online jobs done from home will become an investment for yourself, even in the long run.

But make sure it takes off first. You’re conformable with passively earned income, before jumping on to the next venture.

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Online in Africa

online Jobs that pay in South Africa
online Jobs that pay in South Africa

How to make money online in Africa has evolved over time. Unlike in other countries like the USA, UK, and other countries like Zambia. Africa is advantaged, because of its current economic state and high GDP per capital income, giving birth to some of the best business ideas. Therefore in Africa’s second biggest economy. Here’s the latest trends on how to make money online in Africa.

1. Virtual Assistant

There so many people and entrepreneurs out there looking for virtual assistants. Virtual assistant entails running another business and doing everything remotely.

Learn ins and out of someones business and scale to been a business manager. Resource for the jobs include LinkedIn, Craigslist and Indeed. Its so necessary and so in demand right now. The thing about been a Virtual assistant, there’s no need of meeting with business owners and can be done remotely from home.

2. Social Media Manager

The second on the list for online jobs that pay in Africa is managing people’s social accounts. Its important for online business, personal accounts and entrepreneurs, including celebrities. Did you know even popular South African rapper Casper Nyovest has people managing his social media presence?

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You can charge up to $200.00 per hour with this skill set. Learn these on online sources on how to make people’s social presence more appealing, get more following and profitable.

3. Graphic Designer

In Africa almost every business needs a graphic designer to help them with images, logos and good illustrations. Don’t think of this as a local job, customers can be found worldwide form UK, India, China and USA.

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Resources for you to make money online as graphic designer, includes Fiverr. We recommend this platform due to its prestigious track record of people making over $r000 each day. There’s an enormous amount of customers looking for experienced graphic designers.

4. Web Designing

Web Designers make more money online, compared to daily jobs that you might be struggling with. I remember when I began my website development job. I knew nothing but after making my first website in Zambia. That helped me master the techniques needed to become a web developer and designer.

From there take few online courses if possible to broaden your knowledge. Check out resources that teach how to become a web designer. Among a few I know is Codecademy, YouTube and Freecodecamp. Its one of the best jobs in the world, hence becoming a developer is one of the best decisions you can never regret. Therefore;

5. You Tuber

Make money on YouTube online passively through content creation. Its important getting videos to rank, get monetized after reaching the requirements for monetization, once Adsense threshold reaches 100 you get paid. Read “how to make money on YouTube“, we highly recommend this, especially for complete beginners. YouTube can be hard to get started.

You need to make sure people are in need of content been created. Check in Google trends and YouTube videos with over a million views, then you can create a niche form there to make income.

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6. Blogging

Having a blog has turned into one the highest paying online sources of passive income. Website make money through content blog posts, that can be monetized with adverts (Read how to make a blog in South Africa). Another way is through guest posting and selling courses on your website especially if you have people in need of content you’re creating.

6. Selling Courses

The sixth way of how to make money online in Africa involves turning your knowledge into courses. Digital courses have excelled from old days when people did not rely on the internet for learning to earning degrees online. Teach online courses and sale them for up to 5000per course.

Combining your teaching curriculum courses with YouTube online education, can generate over a thousand dollars for you if properly done. Udemy is a good place to get stated with making money by selling online courses. People are always on need of knowledge and providing you, creates more demand for whats been offered.

7. SEO Consultant

Search engine optimization has been the most searched term in the world. Businesses are always looking for ways to rank business, get found on searches and generate leads (Read SEO beginners guide) to learn about optimizing websites for searches.

Therefore consultants that have mastered the ins and outs of search engine optimization. According to BBC UK, actually people through this job .Make over $300 in the United states of America per client?

8. Translating

How to make money online in Africa been done through translating. Do you speak more than one language, well if that’s the case hen you’re very lucky, because you can make money just by talking. Chinese, French and English are the trending languages in the world.

For instance most Chinese speaking people need to help them communicate in English, especially for corporate business men and companies.

9. Selling Websites

Another way of making money online especially in this country through selling of website. South Africans make money through selling websites and its also one of the quickest way to make money blogging in Nigeria. Have got a question for you, “how much do you think this website is worth?.”

Sold over five websites for over 10,000 and learnt this is a very profitable business. Proof can be seen from people of income school Jim and Ricky. Teaches people about online businesses on YouTube, building website for life and selling to make millions every year.

10. Create an E commerce

Finally if you have an idea of what you can sale electronically through buying and selling platform will make money for you. Drops-shipping of items from the USA to Africa on an online store has proven profitable. (Read ways of making money in Africa). This resources covers the most advanced ways people are making money through the web, and not just how to make money online in Africa.

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