How to login to Standard Chartered Bank Zambia online banking?

Standard Chartered Bank Zambia is a financial institution that opens its doors for economic, advisory, custodian and support services for the locals of the African country, so if you want to start your account on its platform you must know the exact steps to enjoy all its options.

The beginnings of online banking allow you to have a simple and optimized procedure to make transactions and connect anywhere from smart devices with Internet connection.

Undoubtedly, its system offers an improvement when creating new accounts and having control over your funds at all times with just a few steps, so here we present them to you from the first one.


To be part of Standard Chartered Bank Zambia’s banking group, you need to have a series of requirements and fundamental documentation that allow you to comply with all the institution’s service policies.

Their requirements are of basic necessity and easy to verify, so you must have each of these papers in order to continue with the following steps.

  • Standard Chartered Zambia Bank account.
  • ATM card.
  • Active credit or debit card.
  • Mobile phone number linked to your Standard Chartered account.
  • Smart device (smartphone, laptop, tablet).


Once you have checked all the requirements of Standard Chartered Bank Zambia you can proceed to register on their web platform to access their online banking system.

The first thing will be to visit their website to enter the “Online Banking Login” section, select and press “Continue to Login” to enter the digital interface.

For new accounts, you will need to select “New to online banking” to move to the bank’s new client portfolio.

Choose between the registration options with: ATM, credit or debit card, or the temporary SMS and PIN code option.

Accept the terms and conditions in the box below which are adapted to the company’s privacy and service policies.

Select the option to “Register with ATM, Debit or Credit card” and enter the card number.

Enter your security PIN number along with the card expiration date and review the data entered to ensure it is correct and continue.

You will receive a password by SMS to the assigned phone number and verify your number.

Choose a username to log in on your next visit to online banking and read the next steps for login.

Login to Standard Chartered Bank Zambia online banking

Once the account is created, the next process is easier, since we will have to repeat some of these steps to get to the Standard Chartared online banking interface.

Login to the website in the “Online Banking Login” section located in one of the corners of the interface.

Click on “Continue to Login” and proceed to enter your username and password you assigned earlier.

Click the “Login” button, and you will be able to enjoy all the Standard Chartered Bank’s online banking services.

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