How to login to iShop Zambia

iShop simplifies your online shopping experience. With iShop, you reduce shipping and customs fees, eliminate delays due to imprecise paperwork and hassle and simplify online shopping. They provide delivery service, purchase assistance, and offer the best solution for shipping goods from all over the world to your home. In this article, we will show you how to access iShop in Zambia and enjoy the service.

How to Shop with iShop Zambia

Everyone knows that some of the best places to shop online are in the UK, US, and South Africa. However, some retailers do not ship internationally. In that case, customs clearance can be done when the goods arrive in your country, either very expensive or too time-consuming. This can be tedious and expensive.

iShop facilitates the online shopping experience and enables online shopping by reducing shipping costs and addressing customs and related issues.

How to Register in iShop Zambia

To create an account, simply register online on their website. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected], call a representative in your country for help, or sign up while you’re on the phone.

All customers must register as customers before using our services. This minimizes the risk of loss or error when handling or shipping the package. You can also notify the status of the package.

After registration, you will receive an email with an example of how to ship the package. This ensures that all orders arrive in stock. This will also guarantee that you will comply with US regulations for processing customer messages. For addresses, use the UK iShop address if your supplier or store is based in the UK. If the supplier is based in the United States, use the US iShop address, and if the supplier is based in South Africa, use the South Africa iShop address. If you place an order from a US store and the package ships to a UK address, or vice versa, UK or US Customs may charge additional import taxes. This also causes a delay in shipping time before the package is received.

What is the maximum size and weight that can be sent via iShop?

There is no maximum size or weight to meet all your needs. However, size and weight determine the services that can be shipped.

Their fastest service is the express service. The maximum weight is 30 kg per piece, and it must be able to be lifted and transported by one person. Larger packages may need to be shipped in standard air freight pallets.

If you have any product of irregular size or weight, contact. They will detail all the options and costs so that they can deliver these products ASAP.

What purchasing services do they support?

If you are new to online shopping and need help buying, this Assisted Shopping service is for you. They can help you find a particular item, part, or product and make sure you get what you want. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, they may be able to purchase on your behalf. If you want to know exactly how much you are willing to pay for your purchase, they can provide you with full pre-purchase quotes including shipping and pricing. Send them your shopping list and they will get back to you with a quote to purchase the items on your behalf and ship them to you. Visit the supported shopping page on their website.

How to Login to iShop Zambia

  1. Register in iShop

Enter to their website to register and enter your details. Note that you can use a different billing address than your shipping address if you wish.

  • Email Customer ID

After registering, you will receive an email with your customer ID. This helps determine who and where to send the package. You’ll also get insights on how to manage purchases from UK, US, South African, or international retailers.

  • Buy from your favorite retailer

Now that you have your account, start shopping online at your favorite global retailer. Make sure you follow the instructions for the address. Make sure that the retailer sends your purchase order to the iShop address along with your customer ID. 

  • Parcel collection and registration

When you receive the parcel from the seller, register it to your account. You will receive your first email notification and you can log in to your account to see your progress online. Your package will be sent via airmail on your behalf and sent for customs clearance.

  • Warehouse reception

Once the unpacked package clears customs at the local warehouse and is packed in the local warehouse, you will receive another confirmation email that you are ready to receive the item.

  • Delivery or collection

When you are ready to receive your package, go to your office or office to collect it. Or if you want delivery, you can pay online. In any case, the purchase is done with you and ready to be enjoyed.

iShop Zambia is one of the easiest ways to shop and get your shopping done fast online. When logging into iShop is important to know whether you’ll be sending your packages to the UK, the US, or South Africa, this will ease the process and you’ll get your products faster. If you have any questions you can always login into iShop Zambia and ask for help in the Customer Service section, they are happy and fast to respond to all inquiries.

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