How to get a Tummy Tuck paid by the insurance company

A Tummy Tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic procedure to correct abdominal flaccidity and muscle sagging to suit the patient’s needs. Even so, this process can be very expensive for many people, so it becomes a discarded option.

And the fact is that the surgery that eliminates the remaining skin in the abdomen can be found with high price variations that do not fall within the parameters of many health insurances.

That is why the idea remains an incredible option, but it is far from being able to participate in it. So to be part of this reducing procedure, you will have to take into account the following steps to achieve it satisfactorily and get tummy tuck paid insurance company.

Aspiration for tummy tuck paid insurance company

Although it is very difficult for an insurance company to cover a tummy tuck operation for aesthetic purposes, there are a series of recommendations that can make it feasible to opt for an intervention of these characteristics.

Medical examination

To do this, you should start by visiting your doctor of confidence or health center, where you can present a routine physical examination, and you can fully determine the status of your abdomen and your health level to perform this process.

In this way it is possible to rule out possible doubts and this may fall within the parameters covered by the usual medical insurance at 100% or with part of the economic coverage.

Back pain

In the medical review process for abdominoplasty face you must make sure you do not have health problems or discomfort in the area of back intervention, this could be one of the most common side effects with these operations.

Similarly it can happen in the stomach region due to weight changes that are presented by patients, so this series of pains can count for some health insurance.

And it is that these characteristics are common for patients of breast reduction operations due to the load on the back, so the formula could be adapted for surgical interventions in the abdomen.

Hernia detection

One of the operations on the abdomen that are covered by insurance is the detection of ventral or umbilical hernias, so you can present your doctor to examine the situation. The medical insurance can offer support before surgery if it is presented by some of these problems linked to the abdomen or stomach previously.

You can accompany by the request for a diet and exercise regimen with periodic reviews for weight control and weight loss through your trusted doctor. In this way you will be able to present a solid proposal for health treaties.

Insurance Consultations

A key step to get insurance approval for abdominoplasty is to consult directly and ensure all the measures covered by your plan, so some add aesthetic interventions or have some requirements that you need to aspire to economic coverage.

That is why you will be able to consult and ask all the questions about an abdominoplasty, quality of interventions or the options they offer when it comes to health treatment in the abdomen or stomach.

Although some do not approve this type of operations, some systems include them directly to offer a comprehensive service coverage in terms of health, so you can opt for one directly.


Ask your trusted doctor about all the problems and interventions that may be required in the abdominal area, you can opt for a brochure or an explanation that allows you to master the area to be treated.

Within these options you can specialize in the effects that the extra weight load produces and the damage it can produce in the rest of the body.

Know the entire list of surgeons and equipment enabled by the medical service, and if there is someone on the staff who is a specialist in aesthetic operations.

This way you will be able to communicate directly with the doctor in charge and opt for an aesthetic intervention with the person in charge of it by the insurance.


The request for an aesthetic service to your health insurance must be truthful and not to submit you to an operation through a false health problem. Do not fake damage to your body to those responsible for financial support.

The system must remain correct and not generate shortcuts to achieve personal goals and reduce costs.

Investigate beforehand everything necessary before, during and after the operation. Know all the effects of preparation, the experience and profile of your doctor in charge, consequences or results of any procedure that generates changes in your body.

The approval of aesthetic surgeries are not a common process within the vast majority of health insurance companies in the world, but the approval of the same for an abdominoplasty remains a possibility.

Present your entire process in a specific and detailed manner, making preparation the key to convincing and making a solid proposal to your insurer.

Do not give up along the way and keep trying at your trusted center until you find the expected result, at a good price and the best quality for your body, health and stability once the process is finished.

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