How to enter online banking UBA Zambia?

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of the subsidiaries of UBA Pls, a Nigerian-based banking institution, which has more than 700 branches worldwide.

The bank’s main hubs include Nigeria, New York, London, the Cayman Islands and, more significantly, a total of 19 African countries.

In this way it becomes one of the most important financial institutions on the continent, achieving 20% of the UBA group’s balance sheet in these countries alone, with the aim of becoming 50%.

This was stated by the board of United Bank for Africa on its website, confirming its intention to strengthen its African brand and provide greater opportunities for users who give life in their nations.

One of them is in the United Bank for Africa Zambia (UBAZ), one of the installed subsidiaries of greater relevance and participation by the entire group in the region since its installation in 2010.

So to be part of the Zambian users of UBA services, we share with you the procedure to enter online banking UBA Zambia.

Enter online banking

Initially, you must have the basic requirements demanded by the bank to all its users, a list that guarantees your registration within the platform and financial services that reveal your economic funds.

This list is comprised of:

  • UBA Zambia bank account number.
  • Credit or debit card.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • Email address.

Having all these basic data you can start the registration in UBA online through our official web platform.

In this space you can go to the top left corner and click on “Internet Banking”, which will display two options: Personal and Business.

In case you want to log in as a regular user, you should choose the first option, where you can enter the necessary information to complete an enrollment in “Instant Self-Registration”.

Select the “Retail” or “Corporate” option, as appropriate.

Enter your account number in the space provided below and attach the digits found on your bank card (6 for debit cards, 4 for credit cards).

Then enter your “PIN” number that corresponds to your UBA card and attach your date of birth that corresponds to your previously assigned personal information.

Login to Online banking UBA

Once you have completed the first enrollment process, you must go to the initial point of the process in the UBA Bank Internet banking login, where you will be able to enter your confidential initial data.

As prompted by the interface, enter your ID number and secret password and click on “Submit” to begin your banking actions.

Complete the captcha image that protects the data and privacy of access to the platform. Once completed, the bank will allow you to change your password, which you can then enter a new one, save and start accessing the site quickly and easily on your next visit.

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