How to Create a PayPal Account

Its very important having a PayPal account in Zambia. First of all what is PayPal? and why learn how to create a PayPal account in Zambia?. Why do you need a PayPal Account Sign Up? PayPal is an important financial company that supports online payments. This service can be traced back from the early days of Elon Musk in 1999. Years later in 2020, shopping business eBay acquired PayPal at a cost of $1.5 billion. Despite been owned by Eba y, PayPal allows making easy money transfers online.

Through your PayPal account in Zambia you can receive money from anywhere around the world. Additionally, PayPal works very well and can be linked with any bank. PayPal money services include sending and receiving of money. Its the best recommended method of performing electronic transactions, than using checks and money orders.

Its a good alternative to using checks and other traditional money transfers. If you have a bank account, not only does PayPal provide for receiving money, but also sending. Bloggers, making money online and YouTube’s content creators, use PayPal payment system to receive money. Great for any form of business, due to the fact you can make your own business account for PayPal. Its easy, safe and fast creating a PayPal account in Zambia, because it is not that complicated.

How To Secure Your PayPal account

PayPal security on your account should be a concern. Phishing techniques can be used in cracking simple passwords. Therefore, ensure that your account is 100% safe and secured. Accounts with very poor passwords become easy targets to attackers.

Steps To Keep A PayPal account Safe And Secure!
  1. Use a very strong password on your account. Combinations of Uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. Password cracker software hackers use search through a combination of passwords to come up with a possible combination. Hence, using the tips above should secure your account.
  2. Don’t use a frequently used password for PayPal. Its not advisable using social media password and email login combination same with PayPal.
  3. Set a different password and email for PayPal to keep your money safe and secure.
  4. Don’t click on unsecured links and emails claiming to be from PayPal unless verified. These might be hackers wanting to gain access to your account and steal your money.
  5. Don’t use password saving software and browser password login extensions to store your PayPal password.
  6. Ensure to always log out of your PayPal account after using a guest computer so no one can use your credentials

How To Receive Money Through PayPal

PayPal account in Zambia

Note: Zambian PayPal users can not withdrawal and receive money direct into bank accounts. Hence, can only send money through PayPal using a linked VISA card. In Zambia PayPal currently only works for sending money and online payments. Here’s complete guide showing stages on how to create a PayPal account in Zambia and withdrawing of money.

Requirements To Withdrawal PayPal Money

  1. Active PayPal account: You must have an account active, which you are able to access.
  2. Send your Email address to the sender, ensure details are well written with no errors.
  3. Include PayPal account username and phone number to the recipients account (Optional)

Commercial banks allow for easy money sending, done mostly through online services and mobile. This a good part about banks which some people choose them over PayPal. Sending and receiving money, can be done withing minutes with available services.

PayPal might not grant access to withdraw money withing Zambia, but someone from outside the country can send direct into an account. Procedure for opening a bank account in this country is very simple. No time consuming is experienced and considerately efficient. Withing 24 hours your account will be active, linked with online banking and PayPal.

Process On How to Create a PayPal Account In Zambia

  1. Go to PayPal Main Website: Simply visit the main official website to create your personal PayPal account. Depending on the location. PayPal automatically redirects users to a specific registration page for that country.
  2. Select PayPal Account Sign Up: On the main PayPal web page, on the top right corner look for a sign up button. After clicking it a form will appear requesting for your details.
  3. Choose PayPal Account Type: Select personal or business account, depending on the needs. Select account type that meets transactions.
  4. Fill In Your Details: Complete official account registration. Include your first and last name, phone number, country code, email address and preferred type of currency. After filling in the form, click on save.
  5. Link PayPal Account With Bank Account: Your newly just created PayPal account must be linked with a bank personal account. This is important so transactions from bank can go through PayPal. Making payments through PayPal secures your bank account. Because any direct transaction shows your details, but not when using PayPal. It keeps your information from reflecting, therefore your bank details are hidden.

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