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Online shopping in Zambia has become among popular practiced things, we do in our daily lives. No need to get an expensive ticket for your flight just to go abroad and buy things. You can simply just log into any website of your choice and make that purchase. Why should you learn how to buy things online in Zambia from Ebay.

Well its quick and in just few days, an item will make its way in the country either coming from China, UK or even USA. Importation seems cheaper, once you have known How to Buy things online in Zambia, compared to buying things locally from local stores.

Online Shopping In Zambia: Beginners Guide

I have used this method to make some some by helping people buy things on eBay in Zambia. You can adapt this into a business, and job. But its important taking note, Zambia just like other countries also has restriction on items allowed in the country. You can not import explosives, ammunition, alcohol unless license, dangerous dogs, human body parts, cocaine, etc. You can check full restrictions from shipping companies for courier services in our previous article.

Shipping Companies In Zambia and Online shopping in zambia
Shipping Companies In Zambia

Zambia has companies which can assist to buy your items online, charges apply for this service. Courier services deliver expressly in the country of origin, provided you entered correct details and phone number. It takes between two to three weeks, before anything bought online will get it to Zambia. Shipping companies handle and take care of customs duties on your behalf, which includes clearances. Here’s how to Buy things On Ebay in Zambia and Amazon.

1.Open an account at Ebay or Amazon. Sign up using your personal pone number or G-mail account. After doing this, make sure to confirm the email by clicking on the verification link sent via email. Other Recommendable online shopping stores, include Alixpress, great for consumer electronics and Alibaba, China’s biggest online shopping center. You can check them out, If you don’t want to buy things from Ebay in Zambia, you can look for other online stores.

How to open an Ebay account in Zambia:

  • Visit Ebay main Registration page
  • Type your full name and valid email address.
  • Choose a strong password but something you can remember. That’s what you will be using to login.
  • Choose create account. Select login if you already have an account. Final step is to accept E bay’s terms, Agreement and Privacy.

2. Add bank details to your account: In order to make online purchases, your online account must be linked with commercial bank account. Both stores allows for PayPal payments, paid in Kwacha or dollar. Hence make sure you open an account with PayPal as well. Sometimes you might need to confirm payment through phone. So ensure to always be with your phone when buying.

3. Find Shipping Company: Choose any shipping company that you wish to deliver your item to Zambia. Collect location of there offices and customer delivery address used for parcels. Most of them will give you a call once items have been delivered in the country.

4. Configure Shipping Addresses: Go to account -> manager, personal information and change shipping details. If you have a relative based in USA or UK, use that as default shipping address. What this means is that your parcel will be delivered to that address once bought from the seller. Don’t ignore this important aspect on how to Buy things online in Zambia. If you have no one based in these countries choose courier service providers from Zambia. You can send your parcel even through other means, which includes DHL but that’s expensive compared to how much local shipping companies charge.

5. Add Items to Cart: Final step on How to Buy things online in Zambia from Ebay and Amazon is adding purchase to your basket. Depending on your budget only add what you can manage buying. Next click checkout and select shipping address you wish items delivered.

6. Receive and Collect an Item: Finally to receive an item from Zambia bought on eBay or Amazon. Do the following:

  • Collect shipping address from your shipping agents or courier company
  • Send that information to the item seller on ebay or Amazon. Possibly just set it as default shipping address
  • Start tracking consignment using USPS tracking services.
  • After 7 to 14 days, make direct call to your courier company and ask for status report.
  • Once item arrives in Zambia. Give the shipping company your current location and visit there local main office for collection.

Congratulations! You have just learnt How to Buy things online in Zambia from ebay and Amazon. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to comment and we will respond to them, concerning Online shopping in Zambia.

People Also Ask?

Does eBay deliver to Zambia?

Answer: Its sellers on eBay that send you the parcel to any address of your choice in Zambia. Shipping companies provide address and help deliver to Zambia. Sellers get notified once an order is made, and address to deliver item.

Can Amazon ship to Zambia?

Answer: Its not Amazon that ships but sellers, who get notified once an order is made, and valid address to deliver the item. Ask your courier company for delivery addresses of parcels from any country you wish to shop online.

Does PayPal work in Zambia?

Answer: Yes it works but only for making payments. Unfortunately the banking regulations in Zambia do not allow for PayPal deposits from other countries, you can only purchase items with PayPal Zambia.

Can you buy things on eBay as a guest?

Answer: No, that’s not possible for security reasons. You must first create an account with eBay, and logged in to make any purchase.


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