How to buy shares in Zambia at Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE)

This is How to buy shares in Zambia at Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE), and invest in one of the biggest public and privately owned Companies listed on the Lusaka stock exchange. Lusaka stock exchange is an exchange company for sellers to sale and buyers invest in shares listed on the market. Everyone meets on this institution, the business tycoons and investors, beginners and those looking for a way to make profit, get rich and gain on the market. Stock trading is not that difficult, if you understand the basic principles and instructions to follow.

I myself for one owns some shares in some of the local companies. It starting up was not all that difficult and in a few years I was investing and generating revenue from returns on the Lusaka stock exchange. Companies selling shares include African Explosives Zambia Plc, Airtel Networks Zambia Plc, British American Tobacco Zambia Plc, Cavmont Capital Holdings Zambia Plc, CEC Africa Investment Limited and more.

The process of how and where to buy shares in Zambia, isn’t all that complicated and its entirely very easy. I have come to learn that in my Country most people are scared and lack the needed knowledge to on buying shares at the Lusaka stock exchange. This beginners guide is to help you learn on how to trade in stocks, buy and invest in shares sold at the Lusaka stock exchange (LUSE). Just simply follow through and after reading this post you will be on you way to investing in company securities been sold on the stock exchange market in Zambia.

STEP 1: Opening a Broker Account

  • To start the process of selling or buying stock you need and account. This is called a brokerage account. Information required includes your identity card.
  • If you’re Zambian residence, provide the National registration card (NRC).
  • Location and house of residence is a requirement. Then fill up the brokerage form provided.
  • Collect the form either online, or in person from the Lusaka stock exchange offices in Lusaka. Note: a commission fee of about 2% is charged for every transaction you perform as a stock buyer.

STEP TWO: Start Buying Shares

In Zambia shares on the stock exchange a to be purchased through brokerage agents and firms. The good part is that, even if you are just a beginner or you can’t speak other languages. These people will guide and give you the needed information to help you come up with a final decision. The companies are very reputable,legal and licensed under the laws of Zambia. On the page, you will find all the brokerage Companies, choose and contact the one you feel meets your requirements and vision for trading stocks on the Lusaka stock exchange (LUSE)

STEP 3 – Monitoring the investment

Now that at least at this point in time, you have been fed with knowledge on how to buy shares in Zambia. I recommend you follow through the stock market. Be sure on which company you want to buy shares and invest. This is mostly determined with a budget you have allocated to purchase shares on the market been sold. There’s some needed analysis and the following through of the fluctuations and change in prices, this can be daily, weekly or monthly sometimes.

Closely Monitoring the Stockbroker is Import

  • Keep the contacts close. Make sure to be checking it every one in a while or daily i suggest.
  • Most companies and corporations make changes unexpectedly, follow them through. Use news websites and newspapers to follow through.
  • Stay in touch, attend meetings.
  • Visit the official Lusaka stock exchange website, Check latest trending news, or better still you can email: [email protected]/ [email protected] and [email protected]/
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