How to Become An Airtel Money Agent
How to Become An Airtel Money Agent

Have you have been looking for Airtel mobile money agent requirements In Zambia? Struggles have come to an end this instant because I’m giving you professional advise and answers. Operating any mobile money business venture, requires knowing how to get started. Hence this makes people wonder how to register for mobile money agent license. It also includes needed entry requirements for mobile money. What barriers exist, profit needed, documents, etc

Airtel ranked Africa’s fastest growing GSM mobile telecommunications network provider. Airtel, introduced mobile money electronic system. It allows sending and receiving of money from one mobile user to another. To check Airtel money balance you must access main menu. Simply dial USSD code *140# or *778# on your mobile phone and follow instructions. These are the two mostly used codes to access Airtel money. Note: Your sim card must be registered with Airtel money and active.

Airtel Mobile Money Agent: Beginners Guide 2020

Let’s begin covering Airtel money agent registration requirements. Assuming you’re a complete beginner, we’ve decided to go more in detail with finance service information you need on mobile money business.

How to Become An Airtel Money Agent

After reading this article, you will be ready to become mobile money merchant or dealer. Here’s what we cover in this guide, especially mostly asked questions:

  • Becoming an Airtel merchant
  • Airtel money commissions
  • How do I become a Airtel retailer?
  • How to become a MTN Mobile Money agent in Zambia?
  • Starting a mobile money business in Zambia
  • How profitable is mobile money business

Agents ensure smooth and efficiently execution of transactions, without fraud and misleading customers. Today more people have turned mobile money business into study jobs. Hence knowing How to become an Airtel Money agent is becoming everyone’s’ desire these days.

How profitable is mobile money business in Zambia?

Mobile mobile business provides steady income to agents. Therefore its not going to make you rich. That’s the truth, and if this was possible, maybe unless you own more than 20 booths.

If mobile money business , could make agents rich almost everyone would be worth millions of kwacha. Applying logic, its safer to say, “this business mostly just worth investing into, but definitely not something to make you millions”. Mobile money business is not very lucrative, Especially with commission ratios showing gaps of 10 to 1 percent. Here’s why mobile money business is not profitable according to statistics.

Lets evaluate Airtel mobile money commission in Zambia:

Agent commission, mostly measured using cash in and cash out tools. Cash Out (CO) refers to any withdraws customers make. Each “withdrawal” Cash Out (CO), amounts to 1% one percent agent commission and profit. Whenever customers perform Cash Out transactions (CO) 1% goes to that operating agent. Deposits of K1,000, amounts to K10.00 commission earned. That’s 1% of total amount.

While Cash In (CI) which refers to mobile money deposits amounts for 0.5% for any Cash In transactions. Each deposit amounts to 0.5% Airtel money commission for retailers.

Its empirically clear, Airtel receives bigger potion of income generated through deposits and withdrawal. Commission for retailers payable on 30 day of each month depends on number of transactions and factors. Finally Airtel reserves rights to change commission anytime.

Earning more with Airtel mobile money commissions

To make more money with commissions, make sure to increase traffic to your outlet. Remember the more transactions, more money generated. Visitors can be increased by combinations of other products for your business. Selling drinks and food can be a great way to win more customers and having continuous flow of transactions.

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Starting a Mobile Money Business in Zambia

Staring a mobile money business in Zambia is not that complicated. Requirements include Company registration and provision of business license, plus some investment profit. Here’s an article on how you can start a business in Zambia and other available business ideas to choose from this year in case you decide not to become Airtel money agent in Zambia . We will discuss in more detail later on this article.

How to become an Airtel money agent in Zambia

This complete beginners guide, shows you how to become an Airtel money agent. Its a step by step process. We will move together from whats needed to get approval and start your own mobile money business fast.

Requirements to become Airtel Money Agent

Here’s How you can become a Airtel retailer and requirements for beginners if you want to become a dealer. Ensure to process these things before rendering your application. Airtel Mobile Money Agent Requirements In Zambia include:

1.Collect and Submit your application form. Applicant must submit application form duly filed to become mobile money agent

2. Provide Certified business copies. Applicant should provide certificates for Business. Airtel only accepts registered companies and businesses. Does not allow agent registration through individual names.

3. Provide TPIN certificate. You’re required to collect tax identification number from Zambia revenue authority and certificate.

4. Business identification documents. Documents proof and copy of registration showing business owners must be submitted.

5. Must have shop or booth. You’re required to ensure there is an outlet located anywhere withing the location but not more than three outlets. unless if you apply for dealership license.

6. Passport size photos. Must provide two to three passport photos showing business owner.

7. Capital of K2,000ZMK. There is a minimum capital requirement for each agent outlet been registered.

Requirements to become Airtel Money Dealer

Airtel money dealer comes with more privileges compared to becoming mobile money agents. This includes having more than one outlet, Airtel sim registration agent privileges among others. Here’s how to become Airtel Money Dealer:

1.Dealership application form. Next step is to take the from to any Airtel office or outlet for approval. Usually after reviewing application feedback can take between 30 minutes to 7 days to get feedback.

2. Proof of company registration. Your company must be registered with a Limited company incense. Issuance of company certificates is done by Patent And Company Registration Agency (PACRA)

3. Identification of the companies directors. It must be a certified original copy

4. Minimum of three shops or outlets required in different locations. Building proving you can carry out daily business activities.

5. Start up capital of K5000. Its requirement to make deposits for each open outlet

6. Passport size photos. Applicant must provide Passport photos for directors of the company and CEO

7. Computer. Applicant must have at least Pentium 4 desktop computer and fast internet connection

8. Active valid E-mail address. This is what will be used for communication purposes with Airtel.

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Congratulations you have successfully learnt how to become an Airtel money agent. Final step is to submit the prerequisite documents. you can send scanned application documents to For personal submission any registered and certified office, nearest dealer, outlet or branch. For more information and help, you can contact Airtel tool free number by simply dialing 111 or 211 and explain to agents what you need help with.

When Do You Become An Airtel Agent?

Once your application gets an approval and validated. Agents receive trading SIM cards from Airtel representatives. Including user manual guides point of sale information relevant to the business.

Why Should You Become An Airtel Money Agent?

Well despite having low income profit margins you can make some side cash. Plus been an agent gives access to free Airtel branding and they can even paint your shop or outlet for free. Get access to exclusive guides and first hand materials after meeting Airtel mobile money Agent requirements in Zambia.

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