How to Become An MTN Mobile Money Agent

MTN mobile money (MOMO) is an MTN financial system that allows for easy money transactions, sending and receiving through a phone. Anyone registered with an MTN sim card can register for mobile money. Meeting these MTN mobile money agent requirements in Zambia, allow people to become an accredited MTN money agent. Through mobile money people pay bills, school fees, buy talk time, DSTV etc.

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The more transactions processed, that’s how much mobile money agents earn per month. The newly introduced features, include paying for online purchases made on Ebay. It has over a million users in Zambia, making it a recommended service for you to start making money through commissions.

How to Become An MTN Mobile Money Agent In Zambia

Mobile money Agents a are people that perform money transactions on behalf of MTN Zambia company. Business holders, school leavers, even those without a University degree can become a mobile money Agent. Mobile money Agents execute money transfers and withdrawals for customers.

Mobile money agents provide mobile education to new users, guiding them on the service. Sensitizing customers on safety measures to keep them from fraudulent activities. Agents must adhere to mobile money policies and terms of use. These are the MTN Mobile Money Agent Requirements in Zambia:

1.Register your business company name

The first step for you to become a mobile money agent is visiting (PACRA) which is a Patents and Companies Registration Agency in Zambia. MTN Mobile money agent requirements in Zambia include a legally registered company. You can collect the forms in person, or simply just download from the main website. After the forms filling process, submit your form to any PACRA office near you and await confirmation through email with a secret number for you to access your business.

2. Get a business T-Pin

Zambian Revenue Authority is a tax agency that also allocates a T-Pin to businesses and individuals. A tax identification number (T-Pin) helps to monitor business tax and financial activities. To collect a T-Pin, visit Zambia Revenue authority offices with a photocopy of your NRC. Collect forms and submit after filling in the details for approval. Use online T-Pin registration to avoid waiting in long ques. Indicate correct details, including business name, location and nationality.

3. Collect a Trading license

Through the ministry of trade and commerce city councils in Zambia issue the trading licenses to local business holders. Complete the formal application form and provide certified copies of a business certificate from ZRA. Provide certified copy of certificate showing capital and copy of an original Zambian identification card (NRC).

4. Identification Documents

Ensure you have a two passport size photos and a photocopy of your NRC. This is important for MTN to formulate a business profile for you to be an agent.

5. Capital

MTN mobile money involves money therefore you need to have some income to invest. The final stage for MTN mobile money agent requirements in Zambia is for you to have a minimum income investment of K5,000 five thousand (ZMK).

6. Visit MTN Zambia center

Finally you can now go to any MTN Zambia store nation wide, after having met the requirement above and get your agent certification to start operating your MTN agent business. For more visit Facebook official page, the official website or any any service center to guide you on how to conclude the process. Withing one working day you can begin to make money through commissions every month.

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MTN Mobile Money Agent Requirements in Zambia Summery

  1. Working trading License collected through council
  2. Business Certificate collected through Patent And Company Registration Agency (PACRA)
  3. A valid T-PIN certificate from Zambian Revenue Authority
  4. An Original Copy of your personal ID
  5. Minimum of two original passport sized photos

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they charge to get a T-PIN number and a license from PACCRA and the local council?

Kindly visit the ZRA offices, PACRA and local council and you will be advised.

How do you apply for internship at MTN?

Send your email to [email protected] for assistance


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