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South Africa is one of the most developed countries on the African continent. Its home to over 50 million people in population. Its economy twice better than most African countries on business and capital per year. South Africa has jobs for everyone, With or without a university qualification or college degree. Importantly this nation has some of the best highest paying jobs in south Africa to make money and earn a good living working.

GDP per year keeps increasing to $368.5 billion been recent recorded. We answer the most widely asked question for highest paying jobs in South Africa and professions in the world, regarded to be the highest paying careers in south Africa. You can make money online, or look for most trending businesses in Africa. That’s if you’re not interested in been employed full time. have

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Thus though its just developed by a slight margin, compared to Kenya which has GDP $87.91 billion as of 2019. This article isn’t on economic analysis and growth. Its best on the best paying jobs that require academic qualification in South Africa. You can ind jobs that you can work without a college degree in south Africa. Highest Paying Jobs In South Africa are on demand, sustain the economy and foreigners seeking asylum in the country.

Hence why people migrate. Nigerians known to have reached millions, this been one of contributing factors to Xenophobia. Zambians love this country due to its welcoming environment and Congolese seek refuge. Hence not can you only find good Jobs, but professional and highest paid jobs in south Africa get posted every week.

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Remember: Similar to any other country around the world, salary scale in south Africa, varies depending on the qualification. Highest paying jobs in South Africa, ranked start from those with masters, been highest paid. People with PhD qualifications and degree holders, take second position after masters.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in South Africa 2021

These are professional jobs ranked top, and very well paying. Casual workers and unskilled laborers are the lowest paid.

Here are the highest paid jobs and Professions in South Africa 2021;

Highest Paying Jobs In Zambia
civil servants salaries list zambia

10. Accountants

Chartered accounts, in charge of managing, recording and preparing financial statements for business. Help in collection of debts and declaring noncollectable debts.

Account also prescribe best possible ways to boos income in any given organization and company. Professional accounts in South Africa make, not less than R734 990 per year and R61249 every month as salary.

But accountant working in the south African banking sector, especially for foreign based and owned banks make more money. Education varies, from degree holders, certificate and advanced diploma holders.

9. Engineers

Engineers in south stand at number nine, for these highest paying careers in south Africa. It been a broad term, people that fall withing this category include civil engineers. Mechanical engineers and mining, surveyors and electrical engineers.

Roles and duties of engineers varies, from manipulating, maintenance of machinery and repair. Measuring suitable construction land, building and planning for settlements. According a south African job portal, Engineers make over R50200 per year and an estimated salary of R755 886 per month.

8. Medical Doctors

South Africa’s medical specialists, working for government and private sector, make stable money. Cardiologists, Endocrinologists and those in charge of Infectious disease and control. Health specialists in south Africa, provide treatment, medicals concealing and support. Moreover, despite not been highest paid. Doctors in this country make and earn not less than R820,000 per month.

7. Pilots

Pilots navigate, control and fly aircraft’s, planes and moving people from one destination to another. South Africa, been one of the most visited country in Africa, each year tourists flood into the country. These come from as far as the United states of America, UK, Japan and Africa. Pilots in south Africa, deal also with transportation of cargo through air and aviation control in the Amy to protect citizens from foreign attacks.

South Africa has some of the most expensive flight jets in Africa. Rated among the 10 leading countries with sophisticated Amy in Africa. Pilots in south Africa are the fifth highest paid professionals with an estimated monthly earning of R979,234. Even though salaries vary in Zambia. Been a pilot in south Africa, either among local based pilots and those working commercial. Its a great well paying career today.

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6. Professors

University professors, academic specialists educating and guiding students in a variety of studies. Professors prepare career education curriculum, write books. They also control and initiate new learning disciplines in higher learning institutions. Studies taught surpass the lower learning level.

Professors in south are the sixth highest paid people, earn R101, 000 per month. This job goes beyond high school teaching methods. Prepares students becoming equipped fro work, ran organizations and become professionals.

5. Lawyers

Law practitioners Interpret, defend and advise business, individuals on legal matters. Mostly referred to as counsels because they help on representing and rendering legal counsel to clients. Another role attorneys play, include informing of clients and defendants on there legal and constitutional rights. Lawyers make R115,882 per month.

4. Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers produce hydrocarbons and refine crude oil and natural gas. Crude oil production and petroleum for the countries utilization. They extract oil from the earths crust below and old wells that existed. Hence each petroleum engineer in South Africa, gets paid not less than R122,000 per month.

3. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic control specialists are people in charge of the safe flow, aviation and control of airplanes. Work in the control tower at national airports and south Africa has seen rise and demand in these jobs. Furthermore Air traffic control tower personnel make over, and earn not less than R13022.3 per month.

Additionally, job description includes motoring, especially during plane take off, landing and monitor the planes traveling through the sky by using a radar.

2. IT Managers

IT managers perform duties of making regular backups, and system security. Develop IT policies, deploying of new software, training people on the use of ICT and data processing. ICT departments work in hand with the organization to make work less complicated through the improvements and prescribing technological process to be used.

ICT mangers in south Africa today, earn 15471,00 per month. This is what makes this career second highest paid job in south Africa.

1. Software Developers / Engineers

Software developers turn logic into something that the user finds helpful. Development involves coming up with an idea and turning it into a workable program or piece of software. Developers perform regular checks and upgrade. Most of them perform duties related to the backed and front end. Design working software, how its going to work and follow through with version controls.

To conclude this list for highest paying jobs in South Africa. If you have been wondering which career pays more and what is the highest paying job in South Africa 2021?.

Well here’s your answer, according to South Africa’s labor statistics and salary evaluations. Today, Software developers are highest paid jobs in south Africa. Each software developer is making over R16417.80 Rand’s per month, equivalent to $1000.94. Its ranked number one for highest paying careers in south Africa for well paying professions. Therefore highest paying jobs in South Africa are Software Developers.

How to Become a Software Developer Making R16417.80

It doesn’t matter if you’re just a self taught developer. You can earn over R100,340 Rand’s every month as well. But University degrees, especially in computer science gives you an advantage to be hired on merit and quickly.

Enroll and learn Information technology, online platforms have also been teaching thousands of software developers. You just need to be persistent and desire to learn.

I’m a self taught developer myself, despite having my degree in finance. Began learning web development and software six years ago. Despite not having a university degree, there over 10 jobs in south Africa without a degree you can do [Read more]

Today I have made over 1,000 dollars working as a freelancer online and maintenance of software. there thousands of black programmers with different stories. Nothing should limit you, anything is possible if you just believe. Watch the video below showing some jobs from Zambia, to compare with these highest paying jobs in South Africa.

VIDEO: Highest Paying Careers In South Africa Vs Zambia

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