10 Highest Paid Musicians In Zambia

This year for every one thousand google searches, more than six hundred people target this keyword, asking “Who’s the highest paid musician in Zambia?”.

Often you’re not the only one trying and searching on the web for this. Most people around the world have become huge followers of local Zambian music and these amazing Artists. This article is focused on the ten highly paid musicians, not jobs on demand in Zambia and south African careers or the richest artists. People adore what these musicians do. So, it’s very common that someone tries for find the highest paid musician in Zambia.

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After reading this article you will know who is the current highest paid Zambian Artist, and the richest musician in Zambia.

So what does it really mean to be a highest paid musician in Zambia?

These artist have gone overbroad to make so much money. Terrain for Zambian music isn’t friendly and easy getting to prominence. Hard work, effort, blood sweat and connection that’s what makes an individual reach the top. One of Zambia’s most prominent artist’s Macky 2 stated, “The struggles of life we have come to face, fought and conquered just to be here. Its something that would make many quit and loose hope. But I kept on pushing, until I finally succeeded”. Macky 2 said.

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A few musicians make an average of $200 dollars per month minimum. There those that make even lesser than this amount, more especially upcoming musicians. Highest amount earned is between $1000 , $1500 to $2000 dollars per show.

This means if a Zambia musician, gets booked for 6 shows in year, then makes a gross annual income of $6,000 to $12,000 dollars. Multiply this total amount found in dollars by the current Zambian exchange rate, to find the total amount each artists makes in a year, including Africa’s richest. If this keeps on happening, in the end they emerge “highest paid musician in musicians in Zambia” and possibly richest Zambian musicians.

Top 3 highest paid Zambian Artists for the year 2020

1ROBERTOPaid K12,000 (KWACHA) Per Show
2 SLAP DEEPaid K10,000 (KWACHA) Per Show
3 CHEF 187Paid K9,000 (KWACHA) Per Show And Stage Performance

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Below is a detailed list of popular musicians listed from minimum paid to those making more money today from performances and local music shows making them among highest paid Zambian Artist.

10. Yo Maps

Number ten on our list for highest paid Zambian Artist is Yo Maps. Considered Zambia’s sensational vocalist of all time since the late P,J. Born in 1990’s lived almost all of his life pushing and making music people download. Broke scene in the year 2019 and has since been unleashing amazing songs.

Yo Maps
Yo Maps

Takes this tenth spot, because Yo-Maps has a net worth of $1500 dollars per year minimum. Gets paid not less than $200 dollars per show, and the amount increased when he went out on tour in America the same year after dropping a song “FINALLY”, released in December 2018 which has over 300,000 YouTube views today.

9. T Sean

T Sean
T Sean

This multi talented artist, T Sean is one of the most featured musician of all time, more especially in Zambia. T Sean has over 50 songs to his legacy and over 150,000 Facebook followers. Charges close to 300 dollars for a show booking minimum and $100 dollars or more for a feature. Other ways he makes money is through the record label Baila Empire, which charges, not less than $100 dollars per song.

8. JK (Jordan Katembula)

JK is a very popular musician in Zambia and one of the oldest musicians regarded among the best. Collaborated with foreign artists including Nigeria’s Yemi Alade.

Jordan Katembula
Jordan Katembula

JK is worth approximately 15,000 dollars and this is due to the fact that this musicians is currently taking a rest. During the 2016 campaigns, JK was paid an estimated amount of K250,000 kwacha for unveiling a song Dununa Reverse. Charges $250 dollars per night for stage performance and this excludes transport plus lodging fees.

7. Salma Sky

Zambian female musician Salma, and her husband Tivo Shikapwasha son of former Amy General Ronnie Shikapwasha, who also served as Minister of Information in the year 2008.

Salma Sky
Salma Sky

The couple have good amounts of money from the video production company and stage performance. An estimated amount of 150,000 Kwacha was paid towards the directing producing of the music video “Thought of You” by Mic Burner. And all this money went to Salma and the husband making them own a net worth of over $20,000 making them to enjoy the luxurious life. Tivo Shikapwasha owns a big house and rumors state even a speed boat mic burner used in the same video is his. Salma Sky is among the highest paid Zambian musicians because she gets nothing less than 300 dollars on a show, either performing and 100 dollars to be an MC.

6. Jay Rox

Jay Rox is among he top most happening musicians in Zambia, even after going solo back In 2015. Came through with the studio album called “ROX”, later escorted with another solo album “Outside the Rox II”. Jay Rox rose to international recognition and prominence for over 7 years now and has a total of three albums. On his list are also singles making him among the most popular artist in Zambia doing his genre. Featured on Channel O and MTV Base, won international awards and earned enough money.

Jay Rox
Jay Rox

The musician has been doing well financially and managed to buy a house and car. Managed to survive with effort, Jay Rox is with a net worth estimated at $18,000 kwacha.

5. Pompi

The Africa Eagle Pompi is a gospel musician and poet with a huge influence on the gospel music scene. Warn awards locally and internationally featured on the mainstream with African gospel musicians.


Pompi is known for releasing a music video which costed over K25,000 titled “Kapena”back in the year 2017. He is among top Zambian gospel musicians and among the most expensive musicians to feature at a fee of not less than K8,000 Kwacha. Founder of a Record label Atmosphere Nation which costs over $200 dollars per song with an estimated net worth of over $20,000 dollars.

4. Macky 2

Mulaza Kaira, otherwise popularly known by the stage names Macky 2 or Macky II and possibly DJ Bugar is a popular Hip-hop musician. Regarded a legend in music today, founder of a music group Kopala Swag and Alpha Ent studios collectively. Macky 2 considered first richest Zambian musician then Kayombo, running numerous lucrative businesses in the country and several endorsement deals with major brands. Years between 2012 and 2014 Macky 2 had an estimated net-worth of 4 million Kwacha making him among richest Artists.

 Macky 2
Macky 2

He is a shareholder in a meal meal company, has a private mining Company and houses on rent. Cost is over K2000 Kwacha for a feature and Macky 2 has an estimated net worth of $30,000 dollars.

3.Chef 187

Best rapper in Zambia Chef 187 stands on the third position for highest paid musician with over 3 studio albums and more than ten award trophies to his name. Created his own trail considering been the young brother to Macky 2.

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Chef 187 is popularly one of the most played Rappers on radio in Zambia with over 200K Facebook followers. Chef 187 makes most of his income from local shows and features when other musicians pay. Gets paid K8,000 Kwacha to perform.

Chef 187
Chef 187

Paid over 100,000 Kwacha by a Chivas a Scotch whisky company to become there brand ambassador in 2019. During this same time Chef 187 recorded a song with Nigeria’s Mr P, featuring on Coke studio that same year. He’s a reputable musician with an estimated net worth of $35,000 dollars.

2. Slap Dee

Slap Dee the king of hip hop in Zambia is a business typhoon as well apart from music. The second highest paid musician Slap Dee, charges K9,000 Kwacha minimum. This is for booking inclusive with transport and accommodation. With over 100 songs to his name, Slap Dee has so much to boast about were music in Zambia is concerned.

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He is the most featured musician in the country, and holds many awards than any other local Artist. Featured on CNN’s top 10 African best musicians in 2019. Owns Founder of XYZ entertainments music group with major endorsements from the leading companies in Zambia. Considered number three on the richest musicians list following Macky 2 and Kayombo who’s the first on the list for richest Zambian Artists.

Slap Dee

He is one serious individual and takes music career with no jokes. Once refused to open up for Mr Eazi, a prominent Nigerian award winning musician after been offered less money from what Mr Eazi was promised. Slapdee currently holds a net worth of about $35000 dollars. Charges over 7,000 for a feature and not less than K10,000 for stage performance.

1. Roberto

Zambia’s highest paid Artist in 2020 is singer Roberto. Paid over K12,000 Kwacha to perform due to a prestigious international background. Collaborated with some of the best African musicians including Patoranking. He’s the maker of a popular hit song “Amarula” remix which yielded over $10,000 per 1 million views from YouTube. After this on top decided to owns a clothing line after receiving over $100 dollars a week from impressions the video got.

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highest paid zambian artist

Roberto and his biological elder brother General Ozzy also own a recording studio “Brotherhood”. This is a side business making them excess money. He’s Zambia’s leading international act recognized by a huge audience despite having very few local followers on Facebook with just 50K. Roberto has an estimated net worth of $25,000 dollars in total and Highest paid Zambian Artist.


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