Highest paid jobs in Africa

Have you wondered what are the highest paid jobs in Africa? Keep reading this article to discover what these professions are.

Highest paid jobs in Africa

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IT administrators

Top of our list of highest paying jobs in South Africa is ICT. Due to the rapid technological advancements experienced in the ICT industry, IT managers are the main beneficiaries.

An IT manager oversees operational requirements, research strategies, and technology solutions and creates the most cost effective and efficient systems. This last as the need for efficient technology. In order to improve business operations today, there is an increased demand for IT managers and IT professionals.

Their work is very complex and, as such, they can expect the initial sum of R620,230 per year. This is expected to grow as their experience in the profession grows.


It is a fact that the job of a pilot has to be done by an expert. In fact, it is a difficult career. It requires certain flying hours to become a qualified pilot for any major airline. It is important to consider that this also costs a lot of money. Qualified and experienced pilots’ salary in South Africa is 695,800 rand per year.

Chartered Accountant

A career in chartered accountancy is certainly not for everyone, as it requires sacrifice and discipline. Generally, it takes at least four years of academic studies at the best universities in South Africa. Plus, it takes another three years of practical training to become a certified public accountant.

All this educational training does not go to waste, though, as the career is very rewarding. The average salary for a chartered accountant in South Africa is R434,191 per annum.

From the statistics gathered, the salary of a chartered accountant in SA monthly is R36,183 per month. This makes CA one of the highest paying jobs in South Africa.


In case you did not know, an actuary is a professional in the business market. They deal with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Almost every industry is concerned with market and consumer data. Plus in how that information can be used to its advantage.

Risk is involved in every business. However, being able to minimize those risks is one of the obsessions of businesses and industries. This is why an actuary is a rare but much needed asset in every business or company.

To become an actuary, you’ll need a degree in mathematics. Actuaries examine the potential for an uncertain event to occur. For example, an earthquake, hurricane, or other natural disasters, and assess the impact of financial losses.

They must have a strong background in asset management, liability management, business, and analytical skills, as well as a deep understanding of human behavior patterns.

Their salary range is approximately around 598,055 per year and remains one of the highest paid jobs in South Africa.

Medical specialists

The salary range of physicians depends largely on that physician’s specialty.

Neurosurgeons are often on the higher end of the spectrum, while a general practitioner would be on the lower end. Despite the limitless options this career offers, the years of schooling may prevent many from earning a medical degree.

But it is a very rewarding profession, especially with the shortage of qualified medical personnel. Depending on the rank or specialty, specialist doctors’ salary range is between R476,000 and R616,000 a year.

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