Top 10 Richest Bloggers in Nigeria

The digital space has offered a lot of opportunities for creative individuals across the globe and blogging is one of those that have become million dollar jobs and businesses. These are richest bloggers in Nigeria, their complete names, net worth and biography for Who is the highest paid blogger in Nigeria.

Today among profitable business online in Nigeria, blogging is among the top rated ways people make money online, including students. In Nigeria it has become a competitive business and big names in the business live luxurious and lavish lives.

Most of these bloggers are known for publishing educative and informative content that drives traffic to their sites. There are many bloggers who have taken time to grow their blogs over years to make them rich and successful.

Ten Richest Bloggers In Nigeria

Below is a list of the top ten richest bloggers in Nigeria.

1. Linda Ikeji (Net worth USD40 million)

Linda started blogging in 2006 as a hobby. This was at a time when the internet had not gained much ground in Nigeria she took advantage of low traffic and free space to publish her posts using cyber cafés.

The highest paid blogger in Nigeria is Linda Ikeji, female model, media and TV personality. Her first blog created was and was hosted under Google’s free platform As the blog grew, Linda went on to acquire her own domain, the

She started off sharing her thoughts but as she got more attention she published gossip news thereby attracting an even bigger audience. “Her blog morphed into a money-making machine in 2010 when companies started approaching her to advertise their business on her blog until she became among Highest Paid Blogger in Nigeria”.

She set up Linda Ikeji TV an online channel which airs talk shows, reality shows, among others. In November 2016, Lindaikeji Music was launched but did not do much.

2. Omoyere Sowore (Net worth USD10 million)

Well known for promoting democracy and human rights in Nigeria, Omoyele Sowore is a journalist, blogger, and popular human rights activist. He has been involved in good governance advocacy since the 80s and early 90as a student activist.

He is also a politician and launched his blog in 2006 which is a news site renowned for publishing first-hand insider reports on private individual and governmental activities. “This earned the blog the name ‘the WikiLeaks of Africa’ by a New York news publication called the Daily Beast.”

3. Uche Eze Pedro (Net worth USD4 million)

Uche Eze Pedro is an award-winning Nigerian entrepreneur and founder of, an entertainment and lifestyle news media outlet. Uche started her blog as a hobby too in 2006.

It was the same year she graduated from Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario Canada where she studied Business Administration.Uche’s love for fashion inspired her writings on fashion before she explored other genres. “What started as a pastime has grown to become a hub for fashion, weddings, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. Uche is currently one of the best fashion bloggers in Nigeria and one of the reputable highest paid Blogger in Nigeria.”

4. Noble Igwe (Net worth USD4 million)

The CEO of 360 Nobs Group, a famous blogger and writer Noble Igwe launched the blog in 2010, along with Abimbola Soares and Oye Akideinde. The blog is a lifestyle and entertainment website.

“While starting out as a writer, Bellanaija gave Noble the platform to share his writing with a bigger population. Noble is known to have gotten experience from diverse fields like advertising, public relations.”

5. Loy Okezie (Net worth USD3 million)

Loy Okezie’s is a testimony that one can run a tech blog and still become successful. “Loy Okezie is a serial digital media entrepreneur who has worked on several media projects as a consultant.

He set up his own blog in 2009 after working with several online publications.” is a data-driven startup that publishes news stories on technology, business, sports, and entertainment through the use of charts and info graphics.

6. Chude Jideonwo Net worth (USD1 million)

Chude Jideonwo is a lawyer, journalist and entrepreneurial who owns Works with Chude’s name on them include several media projects like “Inside out with Agatha”,” Big Brother Nigeria and “Moments with Moe”. He is also a co-founder of RedSTRAT, a company that uses media to inspire and drive young people to action.”

7. Makinde Azeez (Net worth USD800,000)

Makinde Azeez (also known as mankind) is a blogger, online entrepreneur, and businessman who owns one of the blogs that have become popular in the music download world and pops up. His blogs are not only popular but also are among the top Nigerian music download websites.

The worst injustice would be compiling a list of bloggers in Nigeria without having to mention Azeez as most music lovers are familiar with his blog.

“The blog started out as a forum in 2009; However, due to issues with hacking, Makinde converted it to a blog. This decision became his breakthrough as he’s now among the richest bloggers in Nigeria, with a net worth of.”

8. Stella Dimokokorkus (Net worth USD450,000)

Despite Stella Dimokokorkus being a Nigerian based in Germany she still gets to write about the latest news back home. Stella is a journalist who moved to Europe in 2004 after she tied the knot. She continued her blog there and has become her source of income. She specialises in lifestyle blogs.

“Her blog features Nigeria entertainment gossips, celebrity news, lifestyle, breaking stories, and other interesting content.”

9. Ademola Ogundele (Net worth USD400,000)

The year 2006 appears to have been the dawn of rich and successful bloggers in Nigeria. Ademola Ogundele who is the ninth richest blogger in the country started his blog in this fateful year. This was the same year Linda Ikeji and Uche Eze started theirs. Ogundele is a tech entrepreneur who, like the other afore mentioned, started his blogging business as a hobby.

He started his blog as more of a lifestyle blog but as time went on, the blog became a music site.

“ is a popular hub for music brands featuring the latest gist about the music industry. With over 1.2 million viewers each month from 183 countries, the blog has become one of the most visited websites in Nigeria.”

10. Jide Ogunsanya (Net worth USD117,360)

Jide Ogunsanya is a digital marketer who has risen to become one of Nigerian’s top bloggers. He is the owner of a popular blog which dishes out how-to guides and tutorials on the use of technology and also topics on how to become a blogger in Nigeria. Jide founded his blog in 2008 where he began to share his knowledge on tech-related issues.

“Aside from blogging, Jide is also a web designer and business development executive who uses his expertise in digital marketing to help businesses grow online.”

In this digital era, everyday people set up blogs for various reasons (some with the hope that they will earn from it). Not everyone gets to be successful in blogging; this shows its a good business. However, we’ve had many bloggers who have grown their blogs over time to make them rich, becoming highest paid Blogger in Nigeria and very successful.

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