Best Health Insurance Companies in Zambia

Currently there’s more than ten health insurance companies in Zambia that offer professional medical coverage. However, the health insurance industry is dominated by these six insurance companies we have listed in our article controlling over 50% of market share.

The Zambian government in the need to improve people’s lives and reduce on expenses, launched a compulsory National health insurance scheme that was launched in Lusaka a year ago. This shows how much Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness and injuries.

If you have bought an insurance policy, one can easily pay the care provider directly. Other benefits include packages and means of enticing quality employees to work on having good health.

Top 6 Health Insurance Companies in Zambia

Health insurance companies in Zambia covers these costs on our behalf and offers many other important benefits that we can not afford on our own. Its important to healthcare insurance in order to protect yourself from unexpected, high medical costs.

1. Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia

Sanlam Life Insurance Zambia, formerly known as African Life Assurance Zambia, is the leading life insurance company in Zambia with a market share of 35%.

The company was established in November 2002, offering health scheme, that focuses on individual life insurance. Included is group life cover for family, best retirement solutions, medical health insurance and banc assurance.

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The company has been rated best for this service, complemented due to its strong ability, and amazing world-class cover for your money. For years now, they have continued to strive and build a very reliable and secure relationships through first class health insurance services, which extend to risk advisory service and efficient settlement of claims.

2. Liberty Health Insurance

Liberty Health Insurance offers professional in-patient health care and benefits cover for admission to any private hospital within there network and registered clients in need of healthcare insurance.

On these health insurance companies in Zambia, Liberty providers has affordable schemes for anyone at fair cost. They pay for the hospital bill and any associated costs from these benefits once you have bought the insurance policies. Its among best insurance companies, due to its way of covering for the following medical treatment and services:

Liberty takes care of hospital accommodation. Access to In-patient fees for physicians, specialists, surgeons, anesthetists, physiotherapists and other relevant specialist consultations in hospital.

3. Hollard Health Insurance

Hollard Health Insurance in Zambia, provides amazing benefits for a higher level of treatment, that includes nursing vigilance and monitoring of patients than any other insurance agency in Zambia.

Hollard founded years ago was added on best health insurance companies in Zambia, because it provides expected results and is available in a high care unit when it is medically necessary.

Health schemes offered, include Artificial limbs Internal, foreign (surgically implanted) devices, orthopedic prostheses including hip replacements Orthopedic implants e.g. bone lengthening devices, and spinal plates .

Hollard Zambia’s Group also gives health insurance covers for the, often exorbitant, cost of a funeral should you experience the devastating death of an employee.

4. Madison Health Insurance

Madison Medical Insurance product is distributed by Madison health solutions in Zambia, on behalf of Madison Life Insurance Company (Mlife). Madison, together Liberty Health Holdings, provide blue health insurance product, a Pan African Medical Insurance, to the local people and Zambian market.

Liberty health has the capacity, expertise experience and world class administration system to manage health insurance and will provide the technology platform to service the administration function.

The scheme managed by a team of local professionals fully dedicated to customer care, local provider administration and clams processing and settlement. This local team is supported by Madison health solutions.

5. Prudential Health Insurance

Prudential Medical insurance covers international evacuation, products on offer include specified benefits for each member that cover the medical expenses of members incurred within Zambia.repatriation and those overseas inclusive with travel insurance.

Prudential insurance offers expert advice on health, which ensures that client’s specific insurance needs are met. Also offer tailor made advice on methodology and access to the benefits to ensure the client’s health care needs are met.

These covers include out patient and in patient . Additional benefits are optical and Dental care. Maternity benefits for health delivery and pregnancy complications which are covered under the overall limit.

6. Metropolitan Health Insurance

Metropolitan health insurance offers Wanthanzi health plan, a financially sound and secure health plan made for you and satisfaction of your needs. The scheme, underwritten by Metropolitan, delivers best financial stability and sustainability to ensure continued access to healthcare cover at a reasonable cost and payable rate.

Committed to a culture of caring and strive to understand the healthcare needs of our members. The scheme is dedicated in the event of an emergency, with additional service consultants looking after the well-being of our members. All options are rich in benefits and high in value to ensure affordability without compromising quality.

The scheme offers members a range of benefit options to provide for you and your family’s anticipated and unexpected healthcare needs.

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