GoTv Bouquets Prices

What are the prices for Gotv subscription? Here’s a detailed price list guide, showing how much is Gotv subscription fees in Zambia for the year 2020. Inclusively with available GoTv bouquets prices and channels you get after subscribing to these services.

GoTv is Africa’s second leading television company, operating in more than 15 countries. Even though owned by Multi choice, GoTv provides entertainment to customers at low prices compared to DSTV. Packages are many to choose from, having a wide range of selection of channels from Africa. Currently GoTv decoders in the year 2020, cost K199.00 which can only host 50 channels, for sports, movies, documentary and for African drama.

Due to affordable packages, people are always asking for GoTv bouquets Prices in Zambia and channel list. Therefore we have included information you’re looking for in this GoTv guide.

Gotv Subscription Fees In Zambia 2020

GOtv MaxGOtv PlusGOtv ValueGOtv Lite
K175 per monthK120 per monthK65 per monthK35 per month
GOtv Max
GoTv Max consists of 48 Channels, with exclusive access to music, sports and movies. Bouquet costs 175.00 ZMK
GOtv Plus
GoTv Plus package consists local 57 channels, entertainment, sports and music. Bouquet costs 120.00 ZMK
GOtv Value
GoTv Value package grants you access to more than 40 Channels for entertainment. Exclusive more channels to choose from. Bouquet package costs 65.00 ZMK
GOtv Lite
GoTv Lite is the cheapest and most affordable package with minimum of 23 channels. Bouquet costs 35.00 ZMK

GOtv Bouquet Prices And Packages (Latest Update)

Effective of 1st August this year, Multi choice limited, announced hiking prices from old GoTv prices charged for packages. Here’s an updated list showing GoTv bouquets prices in Zambia:

Bouquet Prices For DSTV GoTv Bouquets Prices Zambia
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GOtv Max = K175.00 Per Month (ZMK)

Package consist of 48 TV channels when you buy GOtv Max. Inclusive for music, daily cartoons, access to live sports and movies. Comparing GoTv bouquets prices, this package is the most expensive.

GOtv Plus = K120.00 Per Month (ZMK)

GOTV max package has a wide range of channels, which are 57 in total for entertainment, music, and sports. Its the second most expensive GoTv bouquet on our list. According to Multi choice, they will keep adding value for your money.

GOtv Value = K65.00 Per Month (ZMK)

Second in evaluating GoTv bouquets prices is GOTV value package. Hosts 28 Channels, tailored for family, music and entertainment. If you’re an action movies person, you can catch best shows premiered weekly.

GOtv Lite = K35.00 Per Month (ZMK)

GOtv Lite is the cheapest and most affordable on our list for GoTv bouquets prices. Offers a total of 23 channels, news from Zambia, christian channels including Emmanuel TV. While despite been cheap, GoTv Lite has little to offer and I wouldn’t recommend this package. But if you’re low on income then go for less.

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To conclude, if you’re paying for Gotv subscription fees in Zambia. We recommend going for GoTv Value or Max bouquet. But if you’re a movie addict its best to pay for Netflix subscription than GoTv. Don’t think GoTv will give you maximum satisfaction compared to when you pay for DSTv bouquets. For those in love with sports, I don’t think there is more on these packages that beats DSTv.

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