How to Use MTN Mobile Money Zambia: Beginners Guide
How to Use MTN Mobile Money Zambia: Beginners Guide

Forgot MTN mobile money pin? Don’t worry, here’s a complete guide which shows you how to fix a forgotten and lost MTN mobile money pin in Zambia. MTN mobile money is a money service that allows for sending and receiving of money. Through this great service some people can become agents and earn through commissions, some just use it for money transactions. It becomes impossible to do anything with the service if you have forgot MTN mobile money pin.

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Getting started is very simple with using MTN mobile. We’ve already covered in detail on how you can start with using MTN mobile money. After staying without using MTN mobile money service, you can either choose to reset the password to something new or simply just change it to another password.

What’s MTN mobile money Pin?

This is a personal identification code used to access a mobile money account. It keeps the account secured from people who might want to still money from the account.

Also Read: How to Use MTN Mobile Money Zambia: Beginners Guide

Note: You can change the mobile money pin as many times as you want. There’s no limitation to how times one might change the password. You can not enter more than five digits as your pin. Numbers are advisable to set as pin and not words or symbols. Mobile money pin should a secret combination and not be shared with anyone for security reasons. Mobile money agents are not allowed to ask for your mobile money pin either when sending or receiving money. Follow the four reset steps below, If you lost your MTN mobile money Pin.

1. Reset MTN Mobile Money Pin Yourself.

  1. Access MTN mobile money main menu; Dial *303*.
  2. Next Go to my mobile money account (Option)
  3. In this menu choose to reset or change password.
  4. Then reset MTN mobile money password by dialing 9 on your keypad.
  5. Next enter the old password
  6. Choose new password on your device for mobile money
  7. Make sure the new pin is a five digit code; for example 19449
  8. Confirm new password

MTN mobile money provides other extended unlimited features. You can pay your school fees, buy talk time, borrow a loan, transferring money to betting accounts and playing lotto, etc..

2. Use MTN Zambia Call Center

MTN Been Zambia’s number one mobile network, the company provides quick responses to there esteemed customers. If you have tried the first option of resenting the pin yourself and nothing worked, call them now through the toll free number to help you out.

Requirements for this reset option

To have your mobile money pin reset through the call center, you will have to provide some information. This is a process done to prove you’re a true owner of the account and for security reasons. Before you give them a call, make sure have the following items.

  1. Personal identification number (NRC) showing the registered name and date of birth
  2. Balance in your mobile money account.
  3. Last transaction performed and location
  4. Last date the account was used.

After organizing the needed indentation; Contact MTN Zambia toll free on 211 and for mobile money call 205 to have your pin changed.

3. Use Facebook Page

Facebook is a very easy to contact MTN because they have the most active page with people committed to answering all your questions. Just simply comment on the recent post with a problem you are having and ask for help. In a few minutes someone will gladly respond to you with a solution or forward your query to tech support. You can access the Facebook page for MTN Zambia Here.

4. Visit MTN Customer Service Center

Go to your nearest MTN office nationwide and get help with your mobile money pin. Make sure to have an original identification card and photocopy, passport or a valid Zambian drivers license. In Lusaka the main office is located at a building called Yello house, on plot number 255, Zambezi road.