Examination Council of Zambia online registration

The Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) is the online registration for the candidates with functions of corporate bodies, which started its work in 1983 by the Act of the Parliament of Zambia.

The African country’s regulations stipulate a series of examinations for applicants to Primary and Secondary Schools, Teacher Training, Technical Education and Business Training.

Each of its tests are required as a specialization for experts and trainers in the process, so that those who pass obtain certificates or diplomas from the ECZ to ensure the specialization of teaching.

Objectives of the Examination Council of Zambia

The preparation of trained professionals to practice is one of the needs of the body for Zambian professionals, so its main objective is focused on achieving a high standard of preparation and assessment for the assurance of their work.

For this purpose the agency conducts various programs in which certificates are obtained that are internationally compatible and be compared to the level of professionals from other countries.

So the name of ECZ is postulated as one of the marks of excellence for Zambian aspirants, where they are prepared for competent work, professional motivation, use of information technology and handling of appropriate communications.

According to its official website, Examination Council of Zambia online registration is the entry process to be part of the official information and programming provided by the examination body of excellence in the country.

Examination Council of Zambia online registration

The entry for the preparation school is a simple and unique step within the web platform of the organization, so we will show you the necessary data to be registered and start your training journey.

The website only requires your user data, password and the selection of the exam you wish to take. You will then be able to log in to the ECZ website.

For candidate registration, the exam number is required and you will be included in the list of registered candidates.

In this way, you have the possibility to select different levels of preparation according to the academic and professional aspirations you wish to acquire in the institution. Among the study options available you can select: Grade 7, Grade 9 Internal, Grade 9 External, Grade 12 Internal and the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E).

When do I register for an exam?

To apply to sit for any examination at the Examination Council of Zambia you must be logged into the school’s system and be considered as one of the school’s applicants, so you must ensure that you have all the requirements to start testing.

  • The first requirement is to be notified to the school and to have all the personal information from the school.
  • The candidate must make the initial payment to begin testing.
  • Once approved by the school, they must be accepted by the Zambia Examination Council.

All three steps must be performed in all ECZ examinations, where candidates have to check their details so as not to be confused or sent to incorrect subjects in the system.

Registration Fees

To proceed on the ECZ enrollment path there are several fees and rates that vary according to the degree of specialization taken.

Meet the average entrance fee for levels shared by the agency that have been renewed until 2017:

Grade 7: This level does not charge examination fees.

Grade 9 Internal: Fee of K5.00 per candidate.

Grade 9 External: Registration fee K70.00 per candidate. Subject fee K75.00 per subject.

Grade 12 Internal: K25.00 per candidate. Fee per subject: K23.00.

General Certificate of Education (G.C.E): Registration fee K75.00 per candidate. Fee per subject K120.00.

(All official fees must be paid and submitted to the school examination centers accompanied by the official ECZ receipt).

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