Cost of a Dstv Decoder

Have you been searching for costs and prices if you want to buy a Dstv decoder in this year? Here’s our detailed price guide to help you know how much are DStv Decoder prices in Zambia.

Cost of buying a Dstv Decoder plus Dish

If you’re going to opt on getting your premium decoder plus a Dstv complete suit. According to customer support agents at Dstv Zambia, “prices of buying a Dstv satellite dish is K250. Its a bit more expensive than Gotv decoder. But you can get a complete suit which comes with HD Zapper decoder and satellite dish for just K599.

It comes with free added 1 month viewing for Dstv compact plus bouquet package, offered as a bonus by multi-choice.

Dstv Decoder Types

When looking at the decoder prices of these products, its first of all very important to know the type of decoder needed. Currently Dstv and multi-choice Zambia, offers a wide range of three differential viewing products.

HD Decoder 4 U decoder was the cheapest decoder offered by Dstv, provided capable viewing needed but without HD viewing. Housed over 50 channels dependent on the bouquet subscribed for during that month.

DStv HD Single View Decoder: Single viewing decoder, which can be linked with another singular decoder to provide dual viewing. Its different from the previous model due to its enhanced HD features that support best picture quality.

Dstv Explora: Currently this is an advanced decoder coming from Dstv. Provides dual or triple viewing channels to access in different rooms and TVs. Allows for downloading of shows and movies, or sports to watch during your own convenient spare time.

Thus there’s no need to worry about missing any show. Dstv catch-up allows for later watch time of movies or online shows missed.

These are Dstv decoder prices in Zambia

Dstv Decoder Prices in Zambia
Dstv Decoder Prices in Zambia
Decoder ModelFeaturesDecoder Price
HD Zapper Decoder 6-seriesSingle viewing, over 100 TV channels and 50 radio channels.
Maximum affordable pricing, XtraView capability to watch different channels in more than one environment.
Remote control and HDMI viewing. Control to limit what your children watch with parental control feature.
Friendly apps and advanced buttons. HD Zapper Decoder, permits users to access best quality picture shows.
Comes with a search feature to locate shows, setting of reminders, alerts for scheduled shows and TV guide updated weekly.
DStv Explora DecoderBest recording time, feature to make your own music and video playlist.
HD viewing capability to watch your best channels through an HDMI connect to your TV screen.
Supports renting of movies through Dstv’s streaming service Box Office, which works in similar manner with Netflix.
DStv payment prices vary on the bouquet product chosen.

DStv Decoder Pricing

Dstv decoder prices in Zambia vary between two available products from multi-choice. HD Zapper Decoder 6-series costs K350 only, while another model DStv Explora Decoder costs K19,50.

These prices do not include, recording and explora box office fees, which are charged during bouquet subscription.

To conclude: Take note decoder prices might fluctuate due to currency fluctuation. It can cost more or less but these are the updated Dstv decoder prices in Zambia for 2020 above. If you need further information, visit the official Dstv website and follow through on Dstv Africa for decoders price listing. You can simply email us, send a direct message or comment and we will provide you with best advice.


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