How To Register Your Domain Name

Do you plan to start a blog, and now you’re wondering how to register a website in Zambia?. Don’t worry, in this guide I’m going to teach you the complete basics for domain registration in Zambia. This is a popular terminology on the internet, business and for web development gurus. According to research a good web address generates more than 60% of online sales, converting visitors to customers. Most big companies including Apple and Google have adapted this business strategy to make billions. Did you know, Google makes over $1 billion dollars every year on websites owned by people? Read this article on how you can get your share of the money. The best part is people get 40% of Google’s total revenue made through advertising.

There is just so much one can do with a website. Starting a niche requires a website for expansion, outreach and online business presence. Making money through a blog requires a website name, hosting, then SEO. In fact, most businesses at a certain level of growth, find that its very important to buy a domain. Off course to make money through YouTube no website is needed but its very important having a website to make income. People find jobs on blogs, employment, information, music, etc. Because its a robust asset and been the most widely visited platforms. I suggest you make one after buying a domain name, either for business, commercial or personal use.

Others refer to this process of buying a name for a website as, “internet name registration”, or “Domain name registration“. Which ever term you’re comfortable with the logic is the same. Assuming you’ve already created your website, it now needs a good domain name.

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Maybe you just want to move your blog to a new web address, again you must register a Domain. Whether moving to a different web address a Domain name must be registered, unless you are just changing a hosting company.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is a combination of IP address. Its a combination of numbers associated with the name of a website. For example ““. this is a text domain visible to the public. But this name is a combination of numbers in the actual sense visible to computer interpretations. Domain identification name mostly used for control, viewing web pages and routing. Other features of a Domain are Administration of a website, and access to content served on the Internet.

How does a Domain work?

A global network of servers receives a request when you buy a domain. This is later converted into DNS servers, which a computer and web browser forwards requests to return files hosted on that server.

How much is Buying a Domain?

Domain cost in Zambia is manageable if you use the right domain registrars which won’t overcharge you. Buying a domain in Africa costs less than $10.00 dollars (K15.00) in Zambian local currency. Don’t use local domain registrars they’re just not reliable and too expensive. Check the price list below and where to buy cheap domains in 2020.

Best Domain RegistrarsCost of a DomainAvailable Domain Extensions
1.$5.00 (K70.00).COM, .NET, .ORG, .CO
2.$7.00 (K90.00).COM, .NET, .ORG, .CO
3.$40.00 (K700.00).CO.ZM

What Domain extension should you choose?

Choosing a Domain extension is not that difficult. A Domain extension has no effect on the rankings and performance of your website. Its just a symbol included towards the end of a web address URL representing the type of website. There so many domain extensions in the world today. But its best you find the most recommended name extension. There are other domain extensions besides a .COM, .NET, and .ORG for organizational websites.

Domain Classification (gTLD Vs ccTLD)

COM, .NET, and .ORG is an example for a gTLDs. These are generic top level domains and the the most common TLDs, used on the internet web today. Some extensions are considered restricted but anyone can register meeting the requirement.

CO.ZM for Zambia, .CO.ZA for South Africa, .IN for India, .NG for Nigeria, and .JP for Japan is a example for a ccTLDs domains for specific nations otherwise better known as country code top level domains. Registration in some countries is very restricted only for people working and based in that country. In some cases a special certificate is need before you can register and proof of residence.

How to choose a good Domain name:

To choose a domain name ensure it meets your website requirements. The people you’re targeting is top priority, your location and language of the website. Any website targeting local people in Zambia should use .CO.ZM domain extension. But remember a .COM is a commercial web address extension. Even though .COM websites work just like a country code top level domain ccTLDs. The gTLDs domain name has an advantage of ranking in other countries compared to a ccTLDs local based domain. This is god for international audience and recognition.

How to Buy a Domain Name | Domain Registration Guide

Before making a website either from scratch or through content management systems (CMS). Choosing a Domain name is an important requirement. Your website domain can anything depending on your blog content.Good practice involves not mixing numbers with letters, for people to easily remember a website name. Here’s how to register a .CO.ZM and other generic top level domain names.

Tips For Beginners To Register a Website In Zambia

Are you ready to own your personal website domain name, either for your website or blog? find cheap affordable domains for your website in Zambia: To finally get your website online, it requires a web address (URL) or domain name. Here are steps on how to register a website in Zambia:

Step 1. Find Domain name registrar

Find a great ICANN accredited company. These companies sale and allow web name registration. Most domain companies provide both domain registration in Zambia and web hosting packages. We recommend which gives best domain services. Domain owners are given a free domain name privacy policy to keep your information private and secured. Domain lock features, which only allows you to approve before transferring of domain is initiated. For over 10 years the company offers a you a wide variety of domains to choose from.

Step 2. Search for your Domain name

The second step involves you to Register or transfer your domain name immediately. On the domain search box for the website enter the name you wish to be your domain name.

Search for your Domain name

Step 3. Add Domain to Cart

Proceed to add your domain on the cart to complete the registration process. After this the system will prompt you to checkout, remove some features and add some domain add-ons. During this window you can switch off and toggle some features including premium DNS and option to set auto renewal.

Add Domain to Cart

Step 4. Confirm your Order

Namecheap allows three payment systems including PayPal, check and Bank wire transfer to buy your domain. To use paypal, link your account with your Namecheap profile and enter the PayPal username and password for completion of transaction. Second check your purchase confirmation email and configure your domain name servers at Namecheap to point to your hosting provider.

Pay for your Domain

Congratulation you have just completed your process for domain registration in Zambia. Finally get your website online in minutes, if you’re just a beginner to make a website in Zambia, follow through our detailed guide for developers. Remember a good website needs a domain name. After designing your blog, SEO is an important requirement that you must learn, luckily we have another guide for your to learn search engine optimization immediately from scratch.

Process for domain registration in Zambia (Summery)

  1. Find a domain registrar (We recommend giving you a 50% discount deal on your first purchase.
  2. Search for your domain
  3. Add your domain to cart
  4. Check out your cart
  5. Pay for your domain
  6. Update your domain name server (DNS)
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