Do you know the exchange rates of the Indo Zambia Bank?

Indo Zambia Bank is one of the most recognized financial institutions in the country for transactions and custody of assets for all types of users, which corresponds to various exchange rates that you should know.

These are the rates and values that the bank shares with all its customers at the time of making an amount, figures that are constantly changing and can be applied by the board without prior notice.

Each of these factors determines the amounts of purchase and sale assigned for the main currencies that are linked to Indo Zambia Bank, so we share with you the data provided on its website at the time of writing this article.

Exchange rates of the Indo Zambia Bank

The table shared by the Indo team shows the values for buying and selling respectively each of the assets that are exchanged at the bank.

Discover the updated price of the main currencies and make your exchanges at Indo Zambia Bank with the best rate offers on the national market.

USD/ZMW: 17.0000 | 17.3400

ZAR/ZMW: 1.1431 | 1.1660

INR/ZMW: 0.2275 | 0.2320

GBP/ZMW: 23.1800 | 23.6400

EUR/ZMW: 19.7300 | 20.1200

GBP/USD: 1.3223 | 1.3950

EUR/USD: 1.1391 | 1.1733

USD/ZAR: 14.5200 | 15.3300

USD/INR: 73.6700 | 75.8800

Data may be subject to constant change for official currency changes at each of its locations.


In case of updates in the marking, Indo Zambia Bank makes available contact numbers (+ 260 211 228245 / +260 211 238924) and email address ([email protected]) to make known to its entire portfolio of current customers.

Likewise, the exchange rates of the Indo Zambia Bank are constantly available on the bank’s website, which you can access through this link.

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