Do you know how to log in to ICU Zambia?

Founded in 1998, Information and Communications University (ICU) is a Korean university that mainly focuses on research and engineering. Engineering is applied in the field of information technology. Located in the town of Oda, there is a technical school and a management school. In 2006, around 20% of registered graduates were international students. On the other hand, unlike other universities, almost all courses are taught in English. So, keep reading so you can know how to log in to ICU.


On March 1, 2009, the university was incorporated into KAIST as a separate faculty under the name Convergence of Information Technology Campus. Following this controversial merger, a group of Korean professors and directors of research centers joined the ICU. That is to say, to inherit the legacy and continuity of the University of Information and Communication through international training. and distance learning. Training established with a branch in Zambia (ICU Zambia).

University is made up of an engineering faculty and a business school. Both focus on information technology. The Faculty of Engineering focuses on research in computer science and communication technologies, with a total of 76 students. The business school focuses on the management and financial aspects of the IT industry, with a total of 162 students.

Semesters and Chances

Undergraduates have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in IT Business from the School of Business. Doctoral students enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in a specialized field of engineering or information technology. It is also possible to apply for a combined M.S./Ph.D. program. The School of Engineering also offers a Master of Software Engineering (MSE) program in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University.

lessons take place in the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Most lessons are conducted in English. To prepare, students must undergo an instruction in this language before entering university and take additional courses in English up to the second year. Both undergraduate and graduate students must take courses off-campus, so engineering students must take courses offered by business schools and vice versa.
Focus on research. In 2005, the number of patent applications per faculty member was the highest among Korean universities [2] and was selected as the seventh AutoID laboratory.

The University operates several research centers.

  • Samsung ICU collaborative research center in collaboration with Samsung
  • Four IT research centers sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications
  • Two technical research centers sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • 1996 Proposed by the Ministry of Information and Communication to be established.
  • 1998 Establishment of a high school with 11 students
  • 1999 Opening of the Faam campus
  • 2002 Establishment of a faculty with 105 students
  • 2005 Relocation to the Munji campus
  • 2007 With KAIST, the government issues a merger decree.
  • 2008-KAIST officially approved the merger.
  • 2009-merged with KAIST
  • The university is able to offer distance learning as well as full time in Zambia.

Allies and offers

They also cooperate with the Moscow State Power Engineering Institute in Moscow, Russia. in the fields of scientific research, educational innovation, faculty exchange, student exchange, and joint educational programs. work.

ICU offers undergraduate, graduate, diploma, and certificate courses.
The University of Information and Communication is a private higher education institution in the capital Lusaka (1,000,000- 5,000,000 inhabitants) founded in 2009. Officially accredited by the Zambian Ministry of Higher Education, the University of Information and Communication (ICU Zambia) is a Zambian coeducational higher education institution. The ICU (ICU Zambia) offers courses and programs leading to higher education degrees in several fields of study. For more information, see uniRank University Level and Research Matrix Areas below. In addition, ICU Zambia also provides students with a range of academic and non-academic facilities and services, including administrative services.

ICU in Zambia

The Information and Communication University is located in Lusaka, Zambia.

The University has the following faculties:

  1. The School of Humanities.
    2. The School of Business.
    3. The School of Education.
    4. The School of Engineering.

Bacherlor courses offered

Bachelor of Arts in Development StudiesBachelor of Economics and FinanceBachelor of Arts in Economics
Bachelor of Human Resource ManagementBachelor of Arts in JournalismBachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Public AdministrationBachelor of Arts in Project ManagementBachelor of Social Work Practice and Development
Bachelor of Business AdministrationBachelor of Education in Business StudiesBachelor of Science in Agriculture with Education
Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology with EducationBachelor of Design and Technology with EducationBachelor of Fine Art in Acting and Film Production
Bachelor of Fine Art in Music and Dance TheaterBachelor of Information and Communications Technology in IT Business ManagementBachelor of Science in Agriculture
Bachelor of ArchitectureBachelor Of Science In Environmental Management SystemBachelor of Information and Communications Technology
Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology in Information SystemsBachelor of Information Security and Computer ForensicsBachelor of Mobile Communications
Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology in Network TechnologyBachelor of Information and Communications Technology in Software EngineeringBachelor of Information and Communications Technology in Systems Engineering
Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology in Technology ManagementBachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering 

Masters’ courses offered

Master in Development StudiesMaster of Education
Master in Project Planning ManagementMaster in Business Administration
Master of Arts in EconomicsMaster of Design and Technology
Masters in Social WorkMaster of Public AdministrationMaster of Science in Plant and Soil Science
Master in Information and Communications Technology 

Log in into ICU Zambia

Here you’ll know how to log in to ICU Zambia:

Firstly, you need to have an ID and password previously given by the university. Then, go to this website, which is the one for students, and write your username and password.

If you’re looking forward to logging into the University’s system, click here, and it’ll take you to the site you’re looking for. There, write again your credentials to log in.

Ans as simple as that, you will know how to log in to ICU Zambia.

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