Defence Security Choir Zambia Nchito Yanga

Defence Security Choir Zambia Nchito Yanga is a musical album from the African continent that delivers a message of unity for all nations under a unique and characteristic rhythm of the region.

The piece is available on all music platforms on the internet to reach as many people who enjoy music and teaching to form all communities.

This piece was released in 2015 under a context of unification and support to all African nations, being divided into 7 unique songs that remain in the history of Zambia.

Hard work, belief, effort and reward, are parts that unite the labors of the Zambian people identified in Defence Security Choir Zambia Nchito Yanga, songs that topped the top of the platforms in Africa in its year of release and remains among the best creations of the nation.


The album surprised with 7 pieces that were presented under the same sense, to exalt the Zambian talent. These songs have been recognized as:

  • Mukwinbila Lesa (Sing to God).
  • Nchito Yanga (My work).
  • Ebwana Mungu (Lord God).
  • Igwe (Igwe).
  • Nganalolesha (I read).
  • When the Trumpet (When the trumpet).
  • Ndefuluka Kwisano (I am on the move).

The pieces were published with videos recorded in the country, where they manage to portray the scenery, landscapes, natives, workers or iconic parts of the country.

With this version, it was possible to raise the voice and spaces of Zambia through music and accompanied by relevant videos with many views on the main platforms.

His message of union, gratitude, work and peace for Zambians is conveyed in each of the pieces that to date are remembered and listened to by many.

Meaning in Africa

The song Defence Security Choir Zambia Nchito Yanga features great characteristic rhythms and instrumental changes that tell the story of hard training and work under the sun in Zambia.

In the official video, the authors are a group of military trainees who demonstrate the effort and dedication applied for the growth of the country and help for all brotherly countries.

At the beginning of the music video, a section is made to issue a thank you to God and ask for peace for Zambia and all its close ones, a unique and special call for all people in a sentiment that continues to live on.

“To God be the glory. For the peace in Zambia” shows the official video.

As everyone sings and marches equally, the song relates the facts and some of the teamwork they emit in Zambia for the betterment of all, an act that is widely appreciated by fellow Africans on all platforms as they listen to the song.

Sister nations fondly remember Zambia’s work and help it has provided for them in all the years of history, thus the song becomes a unique anthem that defines Zambia and Africa in the same tone.

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