Debit card for online shopping, is it safe?

Most people around the world have diverted to working online, and buying goods online, including initiating other forms of payments. But the most commonly asked question Is it safe to use debit card for online shopping in your routine?

Due to the pandemic, many people like you choose not to leave home. But your needs must be solved, that is why online purchases are increasing more and more every day. When you make your purchases you must pay for what you buy in some way or another. Either by credit card, which is one of the most common ways to buy online.

Is it safe to use debit card for online shopping in your routine?

Or on the contrary, with a debit card. Since today in many shopping platforms they give you the option that you can buy and pay with your debit card.

But is it safe to use this method when making an online purchase?

In this post we are going to guide you so that you can decide on your own and take the initiative to use or not use your debit card for online purchases.

How does a debit card work when buying online?

When buying, you must enter the web page where you are going to make your purchase.

Select your product and then go to where you are given the option to pay.

-First, you must enter your name exactly as it appears on your debit card.

-Then enter the card number, of the same, that is, of your debit card, you will find this number on the front of your card.

-On many occasions you also have to enter your billing address, although they almost never ask for it.

-The occasion is very rare, in which they ask for your identification number, but some companies do.

-After this, you must enter the security code and the expiration date of your card.

To make it easy for you to recognize the security code, have your card at hand.

This code is the last three numbers on the back of your card.

And the expiration date is usually on the front of it.

-Finally, confirm your details and voila, your purchase will be ready.

Now, is it safe to use debit cards online?

Although debit cards are not the safest method to buy.

Since credit cards offer you more possibilities and benefits when buying online, thanks to the bank that insures your card.

Debit cards are becoming more secure every day, becoming a highly secure method when buying.

This is because, thanks to the companies that offer you these cards, they are implementing many types of security so that you can be calm when buying.

To answer is it safe to use debit card for online shopping in your routine?, for example, we have MasterCard, which is applying international standards related to authentication methods to achieve greater security for your debit cards.

There are many security protocols that exist around the world for cases like this.

But among those that the MasterCard company is implementing you can find:



These mechanisms will make your purchase more secure and you will not have much to worry about.

Because these authentication methods prevent cybercriminals from attacking you and stealing your personal information.

As well as your money.

When making your purchases keep these recommendations in mind.

Recommendations to avoid fraud

Try as much as possible to only make purchases on trusted websites, which have firewalls to protect your information.

Verify that it is a trustworthy website, sticking at the top of the page, it should have a lock or key icon.

This means that it is a web page that has security.

For nothing in the world write your card number in an email.

This is one of the ways hackers take away your money and personal information without you noticing.

You never need to enter your debit card PIN to make this type of online purchase.

Although as I mentioned above, you must enter the security code of your card, but this is something completely different from the PIN.

Be very careful not to confuse them.

Never put unnecessary personal information, such as the address of the place where you live, the name of a relative, where did you graduate? How old are you?

It seems like a joke but these are some of the strategies that hackers use, to have more information about you and be able to extort money from you, for this reason, be careful.

As you can see, buying online is very easy with your debit card, but it is necessary that you take some precautions so that you do not fall victim to an accident or lose your savings.

Debit cards are increasingly becoming the preferred method of making these purchases.

Since most people like you have more debit cards than credit cards.

For this reason, companies are working on always having the best tools so that you always have an excellent experience when buying online.

Finally, it is up to you to decide if it is a reliable option to buy online and if you feel safe when using it. We hope you liked this post and learnt if Is it safe to use debit card for online shopping in your routine? and it has been very useful to you.

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