How to Make a Website

JUST like you, we decided to begin a certain business but needed an online website from scratch. It was really hard coming across people could help us create a website In Zambia. Especially considering the fact, we needed professionally done work. Nothing good surfaced up, hence we had no idea so the option was to go online and searched for, “Ways to create a blog and develop a website”. Needed any website that could make money and provide online presence for our business. We needed a job website. Complicated ideas came from google, not easy to follow along and most available developers on job portals, weren’t work. A website was needed to make money online, as mentioned and boost our online business. Here’s how to make a website from scratch, because hiring people can be too expensive.

Its a more reason this article exists to help you make your website, without having to go through our challenges. If you decide not to hire web developers, due to high cost. You are in the right place :). Our web development guide will show you simple ways of making your website for free.

Ways To Design And Develop A Website

There three common ways of making any website. I will give you basic knowledge on how to make a website using html and a complete tutorial on making a website using content management system.

  • The first method requires coding knowledge and developing everything from scratch.
  • Second option is for you to use a content management system (CMS) for managing and creating digital content.
  • The final option involves using a blogging platform which we cover later in this article. Depending on what you need both methods are the bet ways of making a website. Each methods has its advantage and disadvantage

Creating a Website Using HTML

HTML stands for hyper text mark up language. You can simply make any webpage in html which is static in nature. To write your fist HTML code you need a text editor like “sublime” and a web browser installed on your computer. I mostly just use google chrome when making websites. To make your first web page in html follow these steps;

  1. Open text editor
  2. Write your code. For example in your text editor type <html></body> <h1>making a website in Zambia</h1> </body></html>
  3. Save file as .html extension
  4. Open file in your browser to run the code. After this you should have a file in the picture below
Create a Website
Lets Create a Website

To try out the code alternatively you can just copy the script above and save it in your text editor. Go ahead and have some fan playing with it, otherwise there so many online sources you can learn how to code and develop websites from scratch.

To Create A Website In Zambia: Follow These Steps For Beginners

To create a Website in this country is easy with good development sources and knowledge. It is very easy if you really know how and what needs to be done. Today on the web and in the world you will come across a million ways that people claim will teach you how to make a website.

But in this ultimate guide you will learn the easiest ways to Create a Website and a profitable niche because a website that can not make money is soon going to loose juice and you will not manage doing it and paying bills from your pockets.

8 Easy Steps to Develop a Website;

  1. Choose a Niche
  2. Purchase Domain Name
  3. Find Hosting company
  4. Choose content management system
  5. Purchase Theme
  6. Upload Theme and finally start writing content.
  7. Install Plugins
  8. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Been a blogger and an online marketer the key thing is understanding where your interest lies. There’s a whole lot to learn about blogging and making of websites but this guide should give you a basic understanding and where to actually start from.

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STEP 1: Choose a Niche

What’s a Niche? and why is it important? Getting a great website category specifically made for a platform is important for the running and success of the website. Choose wisely. There’s a lot of Niches in the world from sports, blogging, finance, music and technology. Others include news, information, education etc.

So now that you’ve understood what a website niche is lets discuss the importance. Websites including focused on financial related tips and how to guides, involving money, insurance and the banking sector.A good niche or website category represents what your business is all about. If you’re studying journalism for example the best nice would be a news website and current affairs.

STEP 2: Find a Domain Name

Find a Domain Name

A Domain name is the face of any website. Its a group of hidden codes and numbers that the computer requests and when a user wants to visit the website. In our website cost evaluation, we stated domain registration and renewal is billed annually. Think of it like a book and you’re asking to read the content but the book is with your friend who stays in town. So you would call them, which the computer does is process the query you type in search.

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For example this can be “How to create a website”. After tying this the search engine understands and locates web addresses (Domain) with similar content and deliver to you. Which what your friend would do after you call them, they would definitely look for the book and bring to you so you can read it the web address or domain works in a similar manner.

What’s a Domain extension?

Domain extension is at the end of any web address. This is very important to put into consideration because a website using a extension targets users in Zambia only. Therefore understand and take time before choosing an extension domain name. Choose the commonly used .com for commercial use, .net for network company, mainly used by mobile network agencies. A .org domain extension for an organization, including schools, NGO’s and Universities or finally go for a .co extension if you intend to run a company.

Making a Domain name

Domain making can be hard, since you’re just starting out. The best way would be to choose a good domain that’s related to a business you will be doing. If its a music based niche, go for names like “”,,, etc. And if its a job or news website try website domain names like, or Hope you have gotten an idea on domain name choosing example. I’m sure its now clear to understand what the domain naming is about? If not clear, drop me a comment down below for further assistance on how to create a Website in Zambia.

Where to buy a Domain name in Zambia

Okay, now that you have gotten the general ideal of what a domain name is, to how to make a perfect domain name, and brain storming process. Now lets look at the best domain market places available out there today, that suit your business online website name you have chosen.

Companies selling domains in the world today so may, but again this depends with the domain extension you need. You can purchase a domain name for your niche by simply following This Link on at an affordable price. They have best offers and longest domain sellers in the domain selling business in the world.

Protection is guaranteed and you only get to renew the domain name once purchased, once every year at the cost of K100 Kwacha approximately $7.00 dollars per year.

STEP 3: Find a Web Hosting Company

Find a web hosting company to allocate you a server. A website to work requires an IP address, which creates a link with a domain name of your website. An Ip address gets allocated to you by the web hosting company. This will act like a house number that is associated with a web saver, which stores all your files.

From the name you can tell what a web server does right? The purpose of any web server, is to provide the user a requested file, including templates, documents, a web page, music, videos, articles, etc to show on the main website. When a web user types and searches on the website, without any connection on the website to the web server, it can not work in fact the website doesn’t even load.

Find a Domain Name

Cheap Hosting Companies

Hosting company charges are based on a monthly basis. Depending with the package you need and server disk space, including bandwidth determines the cost of a hosting website server. Popular web hosting plans start from $5.00 dollars per month, $10.00 dollars per month to $100.00 dollars per year.

Web Hosting Plans

Most companies offer 3 hosting plans for websites if you choose to create a Website in Zambia . This can be starter, business to professional plan. Mostly a first option is for minor websites with less than 5000 visitors, business plan is for websites with over 10,000 visitors per day and finally business is websites having with unlimited, or a million visitors. Choose a personal private Virtual private server “VPS”, dedicated server or shared hosting plan which is a little bit not expensive compared to having a virtual private server (VPS)

4 Find A Best Blogging Platform in 2020

To make a good website you need a great blogging platform to host and manage your content. There so many platforms you can use to start a blog in Zambia, the list is endless. There free, you don’t need to pay anything, there’s no hidden cost to get started. But this depends on a number of things that you need your website to do. How you start depends on your requirements. Check below best ranked blogging platforms to choose from.

5. Install Content Management System

Above I explained the top platforms you can choose from. Now assuming you have chosen a platform, lets understand what content management system and what it does. For any website to run a software is needed. Its a combination of scripts, plugins and templates created called “content management system” it acts like a website or platform with a purpose to host other websites.

Other websites developed in HTML and PHP work without content management system. You just have to upload files in the roote folder of your website; for example “”. But not for common websites created using Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. For these to work and ran the script you need a content management system (CMS) and each platform has its own content management system. You can easily download a content management system of your choice for free online by simply just typing in the search bar of your computer; “Download Joomla”.

Another option is for you to create a website from scratch but this method requires knowledge in web development which involves learning programming languages HTML, PHP and JavaScript to make a web page. Another language to learn is MYSQL for database creation which works with PHP, a server based language.

But I strongly you go for content management system because Over 1 million websites on the web use WordPress to function. Its easy to update unlike an HTML webpage which requires a page to be updated and re uploaded to the server again after making certain changes. WordPress is good for complete beginners, but the advantages of using HTML is that, most websites coded in HTML have a very fast speed and lightweight interface. Adobe products like Dreamweaver can also be used to code a website by simply typing commands and the software does the job for you. I have worked with bootstrap as well to make websites for people.

6. Purchase a Premium Theme

How to Create a Website In Zambia
How to Create a Website In Zambia

Get a good Theme that you feel satisfies your needs and will be good for your website visitors. You can also choose to look for a free Theme for your website but again knowledge in web designing will be an added advantage because you’re required to connect your server to the database to the theme and direct the domain name to point to the server having your hosted files and database for the website.

7. Upload Theme

Upload Theme

Final step in the process to create a website in Zambia is to upload a purchased theme. Place it in the root folder of your website on the hosting company. Download theme files through an email link sent to the inbox. A theme developer will email the theme files to you. Open Email account and check for an email having product key to activate the theme.

8. Install WordPress Plugins

Plugins get installed to boost and increase the functionality of the website. WordPress plugins use PHP to maintain the back end of the website. Plugins mainly categorized based on the functionality; Here are the best plugins to install on a brand new wordpress website. To improve website page speed, use Wp optimize, w3 total cache, and for image optimization, install Smush plugin, for search engine optimization (SEO) you must have the YOAST plugin, and finally to give the website optimum protection from attackers, install All In One WP Security plugin.

8. Do Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization ensures any website appears on google and other search engines. Its a technique that involves keyword analysis, publishing content and building back links. Know more on how to make any website top search engines and beat your competitors, read this SEO beginners guide. Key to teach you all that is needed to start ranking number one on google and get visitors to your website. 80% of visitors on our website come from searches, google organic traffic because of good SEO.

So, Why did I use this media agency?

The best thing about this media agency is that, today I’m able to make my own website Because of what I learnt from them along the way. During the developing phase of our website. They gave me assurance, I would learn a few things and on top delivered a good looking website meeting all my expectations.

The price is manageable and i was allowed to pay in installments until the payment was fully settled. Hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to create a website in Zambia. To know how much we had to pay to get operation website. See this article on web design cost. We covered important estimation and price evaluations, including cost of hiring a web developer. Drop me a comment for any questions and suggestions!


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