Cost to Create a Website in South Africa

Have you been looking for ways and cost to create a website in south Africa? Our articles, shows prices for web development and answers questions on web design in south Africa you’re looking for from scratch. It only takes 1 minute before your visitor to becomes a customer.

Again a minute before deciding to leave your website and makes money for you. But design can be confusing, expensive and lead to uncertainty on what one must pay for when need for a website arrives.

Web Design Cost And Requirements

South Africa’s prominent millionaire, public speaker, author and award winning entrepreneur, Vusi Thembekwayo, lectured his studsents about the importance of a website. He shared with his followers about the needs of having a website. Importantly ensuring cost of a website in south Africa meets and guarantees your customers requirements to generate sales for your business.

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Its an important factor for startups, because they easily scale up sales for any business, either big or small. Therefore its why we have shared cost to create a website in south Africa and portfolio for business or companies.

Quickly we dive to the biggest question asked during the conference for none techies, which was how much does it cost to create a website in south Africa.Its important for you whether you want to make money online from your home, on your blog, or other profitable South African businesses and for finding your high paying job. Having a website is important as much as learning how much might be required to get you started.

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Below you will find prices and answers for how much does it cost to build a website for a small business in south Africa.

We have had people come to us with questions, relating to web design and development. Most people want to join online marketing and start making money online.

How to Determine and evaluate cost of a website in South Africa.

Everyone looking for a website for personal or probably business use, must have an understanding of the basic core questions. Type of design, framework, technology they need and the fundamental uses of your website and audience.

Questions to Know before Asking for Cost

1. Do you wish to hire a web designer?

If this is the case then cost might be lower in other countries, its something agreed upon. Most web designers in Zambia, actually charge prices based on the amount of pages and specifications of your website.

2. Do you want a developer to make a custom website for you from scratch ?

Web developers been more advanced than web designers, who mostly just customize templates. Add the feel of the website and can make a website for you using different programming languages and mark up, which includes HTML, CSS and JavaScript language.

3. Are you going to design a website yourself?

The fourth question involves doing it yourself. Yes its actually very possible making a website yourself, without hiring a web designer or developer.

But you need basic knowledge on the core fundamentals of web design, which you can learn through boot camps, web development articles, and YouTube.

Cost of building a Website
Cost of building a Website

Cost to Create a Website in South Africa

Here’s a detailed web design and development price evaluation analysis to determine Cost to Create a Website in South Africa.

How much does it cost to create a website in South Africa?

Professional south African Web designers and developers, charge from as low as r500.00 for a single page website, r1,000 for personal blog with 1-3 pages, r2,000 for website with more than 10 pages, r3,500 for eCommerce and organization websites, r7,000 to r10,000 for web apps and online Saas software tools. This is an average cost of website design for small business south Africa

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Website maintenance costs South Africa

This is the cost you should expect to pay and Website maintenance pricing for 2021. Maintaining your website is very important and the pricing for this in South Africa, depends on the type of website from as low as R1000, R1500 to R10 000 per month, and R28 000 to R150 000 annually.

Note: Cost of building a website in South Africa can change, hence these prices might not be fixed and depends on your specifications. Brainstorming how you want your website developed can reduce or increase web design price.

Type of design also determines price for your business and cost of a website in south Africa as confirmed by 90% of people in South Africa owning websites in 2021.

Web Design PricesType of WebsiteAdded CostsCosts
R5001 – 3 Web Page Personal WebsiteDomain RegistrationR146.59/Year
R1,0003 – 10 Web Page Business WebsiteWeb hosting R130.00/Month
K2,00010 – 50 Web Pages Business WebsitePurchasing WordPress ThemeR732.95
K3,50050 – 200 Web Pages eCommerce Website Search engine optimization and securityFree
Web Design Cost South Africa

We use three professional methods discussed above. We analyze for you and measure how much each method of designing your website will cost you.

Web Design Methods And Cost

Finally we prescribe the best option for beginners to make a website at an affordable price.

Hire a Web Designer

First step in knowing how much is a website in south Africa, involves hiring someone to do the job. Web designers charge in price ranges from as low as r500.00 for a single page website, r1,000 for personal blog with 1-3 pages, r2,000 for website with more than 10 pages, r3,500 for eCommerce and organization websites, and finally r7,000 to r10,000 for web apps and online software tools.

Most of the time these are just development websites, minus the web hosting cost and server rentals. Hence when making an estimation for profitable earning website costs, remember to put important requirement into consideration and these, involve hosting, domain and premium cost of a theme.

Cost of Hiring a Web Developer

I’m sure you have come to understand difference between any design and web developer? If not, find time to see how to know and find your good web developer. Don’t just hire be sure that person is capable of the job, especially if what you’re looking for is a custom website.

Developers can make make anything from (SAAS), which stands for Software as a service Apps. Another advantage of using web developers is the core understanding over web security, protections and SEO.

Good developer will be able to bullet proof your website from cyber attacks and malware penetration techniques. Web development cost in south Africa, starts from as low as r100.00 South African Rand for personal websites.

Some agencies offer great web design and development services at an affordable cost, starting at r150.00 South African Rand. Development from professional websites, Apps to Saas software.Find professional team that will work with you, turning your idea into reality and give your business an online presence.

After working with other companies in the past, it was clear charges had been just too expensive, imagine paying r10,300 South African Rand for a website? Aah right that’s what to expect, more especially if you intend your site to be used for business and organizational purposes.

Building a Website Yourself

Final method is doing it yourself. As explained above, you will need to learn ways and methods about web development. Choose a blogging platform or content management system. Learn web development from scratch, to make your blog. because in the article we are only covering cost of building a Website that makes money Yourself and how much is a website in south Africa.

Additional Cost to Create a Website in South Africa

  1. Buy Domain Name: Find a good domain name to serve as the web URL for your platform. Don’t forget to pick something easy to remember and only buy your domain from trusted domain sellers online. Domain name costs from 8.00 dollars annually, while other companies charge between $10.00 to $13.00 per year. Ensure your domain has privacy on to safeguard you details from public access and identity theft.
  2. Purchase Web Hosting: Finding hosting space for your website is very important and should be your sating step. Get shared hosting from any company of your choice, but we have those we recommend after having worked with them in the past. Cost of renting your web server is $1.99 per month to $75.00 dollars depending on the type of server you need for your business from virtual private server, dedicated or shared hosting packages.
  3. Purchase WordPress theme: Final step should be for you to buy your theme an online theme to give your platform, that look it deserves. Whether using Drupal, WordPress Joomla, its best you buy a premium website theme. Cost of themes start from as low as 30.00 dollars, just search online for “buy a premium WordPress theme”, and thousands of online websites will pop up for you to buy any template.

If you need help with your website, finding web designers, App development, fixing bugs and errors, even search engine optimization. Please let us know down below in our comment section and we will help you out.

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