Cost of an American visa in Zambia?

Most people and foreign nationals ask these basic questions which go like; “Do I need a visa to visit Zambia?, How much is an American visa in Zambia? and How do I apply for a US visa in Zambia?”. In this article I will show you and give you full insight on these questions, especially for you’re visiting Zambia for the first time. Some small businesses been run by ingenious residents, You might also come across them on your tour. Not to mention wild Animals in the lower Zambezi planes and Kafue national park, home to over 50,000 species and Animals.

So make sure to carry your camera on your way to Zambia for more exciting things and wonders like the mighty Victoria falls. Take precautions just in case to secure your Bank card or cash, you can see this for ways to travel safe with money. Or better still just have an account with any of the local banks. Because its also very easy to open your own bank account. Lastly, if this is your first time there some popular languages you might find interesting learning. As a visitor, our customs, traditions and values define us. Now let’s move to solutions for cost of an American visa.

How much is an American visa in Zambia?

Do I need a visa to visit Zambia? Yes its a requirement but Zambia does not have too many restrictions on tourists, especially if you’re coming from such a developed country like the USA, UK, China, etc. Restrictions are only tightened in case of an outbreak or if illegal activities if suspected.

how to apply for a USA Visa

How do I apply for a US Visa? Your Visa can be collected and obtained through department of immigration. Another option you can quire Zambian Visa, is by simply logging online, via e-services or just by simply visiting the office upon arrival in the country. This department offers security, facilitates and controls the staying of tourists in country.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Zambia?

Yes you can collect your Visa upon arrival, a single Entry type. It only costs $50.00 USD and processed within minutes so you shouldn’t worry about been late. This only grants visitors a limited number of days to stay in the country, depending on the sated reasons for visiting. Therefore even if the VISA expires after due date, you have options to choose from, either extending days of stay or apply for a permit.

visiting America according to the American Embassy, Zambians need a visa for US visitation. Hence all applicants must pay a none-refundable fee of $160.00 USD for a Visa. For more information visit the American Zambian based Embassy website because other type of Visa’s require additional payments.

Budget estimation for lodging, food and transport

Some people have written to us and asked if Zambia is expensive to visit?. When one mentions expensive basically it entails food, transport and loading etc. Zambia is not expensive, but this depends on the purpose of your visit, places you’re visiting your leisure preference, food taste and town you will be visiting.

For instance a business trip might be cheaper than a social visit especially if you don’t have any relatives or friend in the country. Thus your budget must vary according to personal needs. Weak currency actually gives foreign nationals an advantage. Otherwise the country is cheap in terms of expenses, low crime rate, compared to other countries and has favorable weather conditions.

Cost of living for foreign Nationals and Tourists

Traveling from Lusaka to copper-belt only costs 15.00 USD. If you’re thinking of hotels to stay the expensive ones are in ranges of 100.00 USD to 15.00 for lodges and motel. Hence only executive hotels cost more than 250.00 USD per night. Food is affordable gain this depends on your needs. Affordable Car hiring services are available in Lusaka the capital city and other major towns. But most hotels sale food from 15.00 USD per meal.

But that’s mostly with Resort hotels. Finally, fuel currently costs 20.00 ZMK equivalent to 1.00 USD per liter and Zambia is one of the safest country to visit in Africa. Receives over 700 thousand tourists per year, this shows Zambia safe even for American tourists. Hope this article has helped you know How much is an American visa in Zambia? If you have further questions, let us know in our comment section, or send an email.


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