Cost Of Buying a Gotv Decoder

Gotv is a digital terrestrial decoder, which comes with an antenna for your connection. Gotv service is a subsidiary of multi choice Zambia company. Most people want to know how much is a Gotv decoder in Zambia 2020, because of its affordable rates. Subscription fees for Gotv start as lows as K20.00 ZMK, so anyone with small income can afford. You can learn more on Gotv bouquets from our previous detailed article.

Gotv Decoder Prices In Zambia

In an effort to help TV users migrate from using Analog, to Digital terrestrial television. The Zambian government initiated a policy that helped users migrate at a low cost through Gotv decoders. Lets evaluate bouquet prices and cost for buying your decoder, including bouquet prices for Gotv. Its of high demand to have these decoders, hence most people ask, “how much is Gotv decoder in Zambia?”.

How Much Is Gotv Decoder In Zambia 2020

From 2017 Gotv slashed its decoder prices, hence currently any Gotv decoder in Zambia costs only K199.00 ZMK if purchased from Gotv main offices and outlets. Gotv agents, resale decoders using retail price of K210.00 ZMK nationwide, that’s minus viewing subscription. Please note: additional cost might apply, which is paid upon activation to allow for channel viewing.

But if there is an ongoing promotion, your decoder plus bouquet subscription comes inclusive. Only need to buy the decoder, which comes with free 1 month channel viewing and money back guarantee of 30 days, and a guarantee of 1 year.

Where Can I Buy Gotv Decoder

To purchase your Gotv Decoder today, visit any multi choice outlet withing Zambia. Every household has a decoder of this type. Its popular, even as you roam the streets agents can be seen everywhere selling decoders. Another option for where to buy your decoder, includes checking out shopping centers, and malls. Almost in all outlets, such as Game stores, Pep stores, shop-rite, Pick’nPay and more. These outlets all sale these decoders.

What channels are on GOtv value Zambia?

Gotv value is the third biggest bouquet.It consist of over 40 channels from sports, mostly selected, music, documentary and lifestyle. To know which bouquet you should buy for decoder, see our Gotv bouquet guide. It should help you come up with a better understanding on channels and bouquets available. And inc case, you are looking for how much is the lowest GOtv subscription. Cheapest bouquet is Gotv lite, which costs K35.00 per month.

Which channels are in GOtv Max?

This package offers maximum viewing privileges. Having over 60 good quality channels from music, movies sports and christian channels. Not forgetting the local television stations from Zambia, in case need arises for catching up with current affairs and local events.

How do I upgrade my GOtv Max Zambia?

To upgrade your bouquet, just go to any outlet and ask them. Of course you’re required to make money top up. Option two is to log online, through the website and choose upgrade. Finally you can write an email to contact Gotv through [email protected].

How Can I Pay

Gotv offers many payment options to choose from, direct cash payment, by going to any nearby outlet or agent. Second option is through MTN and Airtel mobile money service, and through FNB ewallet. All these methods to pay your subscription are quick, safe and more efficient. Choose any convenient method you wish to settle your Gotv bills.


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