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Chanda Na Kay, mostly called “Aba Nyoli Nyoli” are dual musicians from Zambia. The statement “Aba Nyoli Nyoli”, comes from Bemba, it means greatest Rappers of all time. How much is Chanda Na Kay Net Worth? and how did they reach this level?. Chanda and Kay, actually become friends early in the year of 2020 after coming from different music backgrounds. Both born and raised on the suburban of copper-belt in Kitwe, coming from Chimwemwe township to be specific.

Today whether based on copper belt, or just visiting immaculate music from Chanda Na Kay has become very popular. Even kids underage have learnt lyrics, mastered the routine on how these singers flaunt in style. So far Zambia has seen and experienced continuous flow, for imaging dual Artist, namely the list, which includes Dope Boys, 408 Empire and now Chanda Na Kay. These musicians having similar dialect, using local language to flow and dominating with controversial Rap slants.

Chanda And Kay Life History

Chanda was once part of the 408 Empire, but recorded music with them on periodic basis. According to Chanda, He actually helped draft some of the songs for the group. “I wrote the song you might have danced to titled “Fi Onga”, Chanda said.” But unfortunately, Wau China another Rapper stole that song and took the credit, instead of Chanda. After years later, Chanda continued working alone, until they met with Kay.

Chanda Na Kay Biography
Chanda Na Kay Biography

No one thought they would go anywhere, but surprisingly after working on there first track. People encouraged them to continue working as dual, as opposed to been independent Rappers. Kay, before taking the front role on the group, recorded songs solo. Most people from the area addresses Kay by his stage name, “Real Rapper”.

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Both Artist are in there mid 20,s and were born in the same town at Chimwemwe clinic. Today these musicians have risen to be arguably among the most happening. Rose to victory, then prominently paved way for there music after releasing song titled Ah Nde Twa. These people, attended high school on different institutions, Ishuko, Kampemba and Chimwemwe secondary school. No further education was proceeded after this. Due to the continuous rise of demand for music from copper-belt. Chanda and Kay, embarked on the Journey to prove, you don’t need Illuminati to open doors for you. With hard work and focus, you can make it to the top, even without University degree.

Wife Family And Kids

None of these musicians is married according to close sources. But Chanda has a child, while Kay’s private life still remains hidden from the public. Both Rappers still stay with there parents, and intend to move out, once the economy stabilizes. When asked, they clearly stated, “we have no intentions of relocating to Lusaka, even if we became Zambia’s biggest musicians in time to come”. Chanda Na Kay, went on to articulate copper-belt is our soul and heart. Roots to our music and raised curtains to fame from this place.

Net Worth

Currently due to the Corona virus, Chanda Na Kay stated they have been negatively impacted financially. “Music is business, by now we would have made some money, at least to make some good net worth. But no shows and musical sessions have been allowed for some time. Hence we’re yet to make money, Chanda Na Kay revealed.” Its a more reason, unlike Chef 187 Chanda and Kay have not been listed on Zambia’s richest Artists. Currently these Rappers, have not stated how much they have made, therefore there net worth in 2020 still remains unverified and a mystery. Its possible in due time Chanda and Kay will become highly paid musicians from the way things are actually looking.

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So far the group has taken over Zambia’s musical scene. These are the mostly played songs from Chanda Na Kay, released in 2020 and moving forward. Popular Chanda Na Kay songs, include Bella Bella, Chilowe, Itepe, Alikwi, Tulibamobene and Physically Fit, originally composed by T-Sean. Chanda and Kay have continued releasing songs, which you can find on these blogs from withing the country. Don’t worry about copyright infringement, its provided free to the general public. According to Chanda Na Kay, mission remains the same and quest is to ensure no one surpasses them.


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