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How To Know Musicians In Illuminati

Is it true in Africa there artists who are part of the Illuminati? And do we have Zambian musician who are under Illuminati? These...

10 Hot Photos Of Iris Kaingu

Photos Of Iris Kaingu are popular making the face and name in Zambia to be a big deal. This girl is so famous to...

10 Highest Paid Musicians In Zambia

This year for every one thousand google searches, more than six hundred people target this keyword, asking "Who's the highest paid musician in Zambia?"....

10 Interesting Facts About Iris Kaingu

Daughter of former minister of justice Mr Michael Kaingu. She's a flying queen and everyone in Zambia knows the top socialist Iris Kaingu. Arguably...

Hakainde Hichilema Net worth – Biography & Lifestyle

Before finding out how much is exactly Hakainde Hichilema Net worth. Lets trace how he became Zambia's richest man. "Hakainde Hichilema" was just a...

11 Richest People in Zambia (Forbes)

Zambia popularly called the "Real Africa, due to its vast open land. The country is a home to the big five wild Animals...

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