Business you can start with less capital in Zambia

Despite the economy been not on a good standing. There is so much one can do in Zambia. Most people have asked what business can i start with k500 in Zambia? Well, in this article we answer just that to give you information needed. Starting your business is not that complicated. Remember we have wide range of businesses and ideas you can choose form if these suggestions don’t work for you. Online business is very easy to get started as well and you can also try stock treading which only requires minimal capital to buy your first Zambian shares. Here’s a complete list of small scale business ideas in Zambia and what business you can start with k10000.

List of small scale Business ideas in Zambia

1. Blogging business

There’s so much you can do online and earn some side cash. If you have a computer then create you website, after having a few visitors monetize it with Ads and start earning some cash passively. Check ways you can make a website in Zambia and how to make money online. There more online jobs available than you can, from online marketing, web development to blogging and selling affiliate adverts which also includes guest posting on your blog.

2. Barbershop Business

Cutting of men hair is one of the trending businesses in the country which never runs out of fashion. Beauty and fashion will always be part of human nature. Everyone wants to look amazing hence just but that shaving machine, if you can not do it yourself. Hire someone to do the job and second thing is for you to get your business located at a busy area, so you can get customers. It can be combined with a saloon to diversify and offer wide range of services.

3. Ice Cream Selling

During the hot season, Zambian been landlocked country this business is one that can make money for you. You don’t even need an ice cream maker machine, but only a refrigerator, cream and some recipes for the flavor. If you have some more money then get a customized ice cream machine and start making that money. This is one of the quickest money making business today,people will be flooding from all ends just to eat and buy your product.

4. Popcorn Business

Popcorn never run out of fashion, despite it not been movie or theater night. People in this country love popcorn and majority don’t have time to cook them. If you stay near a cinema, that’s an advantage to tour business. Start selling fried popcorn’s today and make some cash.

5. Fresh Food Business

There’s nothing really wrong with selling tomatoes, vegetables and other necessities need for cooking and which society considers nutritious. Just find a shop within the market or outside your yard and start selling fresh foods. People will never have to go out to that close supermarket when you can provide vegetables and onions at a favorable price.

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