Borrowing Airtime on Zamtel

Zamtel is one of Zambia’s three top leading telecommunication mobile companies. Its government owned, provides fast mobile services, text messaging, internet for mobile devices, home and landline services. Zambia has over 50 mobile short codes for Airtel, MTN and Zamtel. Before learning how to borrow Airtime on Zamtel, take note: Borrowing Airtime gives access to mobile users getting credit to make calls, purchase and then pay back later through recharge.

Zamtel will begin to deduct small percentages from any recharge you make to pay back the credit. Once you Borrow Airtime on Zamtel, there’s going to be no option allowing you to borrow, until the pending balance is settled. Deductions vary, from 1%, 2% and 10%, depending on the principal amount of Airtime borrowed. How do you get credits on Zamtel?

Here’s How to Borrow Airtime on Zamtel

Borrow Airtime on Zamtel
Borrow Airtime on Zamtel
Step 1: Dial *2526#

If you have been asking what is the code to borrow airtime on Zamtel? The quickest way is to dial *2526#. This opens Zamtel airtime credit borrowing options. If you can’t access the menu the check your phone service.

Step 2: Select Option 2

Option 1 is for stater and 2 to check balance. If you wish to borrow, select the first option to go to the next menu.

Step 3: Choose Amount to Borrow

Option 3 is for you to choose an amount you want. Select amount you wish to borrow from the list. Depending on your Airtel purchase made during the month. Minimum threshold to borrow will vary. If you’re just getting started, beginning borrowing amount can be low as 2.00 ZMK, 5.00 ZMK, 10.00 ZMK and even 20.00 ZMK.

Finally, now that you have learnt How to Borrow Airtime on Zamtel. Don’t forget to drop us a question if you have further inquiries concerning short codes fro Zamtel. Here’s a complete short code list for mobile networks in Zambia and how you can get started with a mobile business. There’s just so much you can do with Zamtel short codes. Apart from just learning how to Borrow Airtime on Zamtel:

Step 4: Await Confirmation Text

After borrowing wait for the message to confirm Airtime borrowing. Once message notification arrives that a sign confirm your account has been credited with Airtime.

Important Zamtel USSD codes

Check out most commonly used Zamtel USSD short codes: These codes are used to buy data bundles on Zambia’s network Zamtel. Also if want to share share Talk time, and check mobile recharge balance.

Zamtel Mobile Features (Options)Short Codes (USSD)
Zamtel Chi Coin Chabeba:*422# and select option 1
Check balance*114#
Data bundle balance*355# and select check balance
Zamtel Mobile Money*344#
Home WIFI Broadband bundles*355* and select option 8
Share Bundles on Zamtel*355# select option 2
Borrow talk time on Zamtel*2526#
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