Best UK Jobs You Can Do Without Qualifications

The notion, one can not make their way up the ladder without a formal college degree or vocational qualification is not true. More and more young people are being put off by expensive tuition fees and the prospects of repaying student’s loans. We have talked of jobs you can do with no degree in south Africa. But today we bring you the Best UK Jobs You Can Do Without Qualifications. There’s also weird ways to make money in UK and real ways to make money home. But there is no need for a paradigm shift to avoid the rush to go to university without considering all available options.

Best UK Jobs You Can Do Without Qualifications For 2021

Career guidance needs to point you in the direction of all possible success windows even if you think higher education is not for you. Here are a few good jobs in the UK that you can take up without any qualification, in no particular order. Read-more

1. Cabin Crew Member – Average pay: £25,000

Working as a member of an planner cabin crew can be a great opportunity for unqualified young people despite your day-to-day on the job experience will depend on the airline and flight routes you take each week.

However, one has to undergo full training before starting work and this usually involves participating in a rigorous four-week training center which includes online assessments as well as classroom learning.

After training, the new cabin crew member can expect a starting salary of between £20,000-£25,000 a year. Another attractive aspect of the job is getting to travel the world and get paid doing it.

“For long-haul flights, bigger companies such as Virgin and Emirates are known to provide their employees with accommodation and higher salaries,” a UK based careers expert said.

2. Personal Assistant – Average pay: £25,003

This is an option for any school-leavers who either don’t want to go into higher education or are incapacitated to do so. Salaries vary wildly depending on the employer and contracted hours but £25,003 is the average.

Although qualifications are not a prerequisite, personal assistants are generally required to be positive and organized individuals who are able to deal with multiple deadlines at once. “Companies value their administrative staff and you’d be surprised just how much personal assistants can be paid for managing the day-to-day schedules of CEO’s and other executives.”

3. Prison Officer – Average pay: £27,037

Prison officers can earn a decent salaries and afford comfortable. Provided one is over the age of 18 (excluding ex-convicts), they are eligible to work on the wards. Candidates also have to pass a series of background checks. Instead of a degree, a Prison Officer Selection Test which will assess various skills including reading, writing, math and even physical abilities, will be on the cards.

Despite a specific set of challenges that comes with working with person inmates, However, the decision of becoming a prison officer comes with a starting salary of around £18,720 which will rise to £33,000 at senior levels.

4. Ethical Hacker – Average pay: £30,071

Technology and the digital age presents a number of different jobs, but ‘ethical hacker’ is definitely one of the stranger ones! “This particular role requires a computer whizz to test company IT systems by hacking into them.”

Most highly-skilled hackers around the globe are largely self-taught, so this niche role definitely doesn’t require a degree.

“Companies will pay ethical hackers an impressive £35,000 a year to start with, which could rise to as much as £90,000 over the course of your career. Definitely something to think about if you’re into coding!”

5. Fashion Industry – Average pay: £32,500

A creative role in fashion is a brilliant idea for individuals who can not get enough of the latest trends and do not have access to, or like the idea of higher education.

“The clothing industry is one sector which really prefers experience over qualifications, so if you’re not into the university scene then you’re in luck. However, do be aware that you’ll probably have to start off your career working for free or as a low-paid intern in the early days, before you can climb the fashion ladder to the top. Once you do, the salary is extremely competitive.”

An average job in the industry can fetch up to £32,500 a year this is for Best UK Jobs You Can Do Without Qualifications.

6. Emergency services – Average pay: £32,500

Working in the emergency services requires mental and physical capabilities just above ordinary. These are jobs like being a police officer or a fire fighter and for those who are willing to rise to the task, you do not need a university degree.

It is a public secret that one needs to have a high level of physical fitness and for each role you’ll have to pass some written tests as well.

“Your potential employers will be looking for some specific characteristics, such as the ability to quickly understand facts and procedures, as well as a calm and decisive demeanor in the face of stressful situations.”

Starting salaries are generally around £20,000 but this will quickly go up – the average wage for an emergency services worker in the UK is around £32,500.

7. Marketing – Average pay: £32,698

Creativity and the ability to come up with brilliant ideas are proving to be the greatest arsenal in the marketing industry. In this regard not all marketing jobs require a degree in higher education.

“Most entry level roles begin with a starting salary of £18,000, which is perfect for anyone just leaving high school who thinks that the industry might be for them. There’s plenty of opportunity to progress your career if you decide to follow this particular path, but you’ll probably start out doing work experience or an internship before becoming a digital assistant or researcher.”

The reward of reaching a more senior role in the sector can mean a £40,000-£50,000 annual paycheck for your services, depending on which company you work for.

This article shed light on a few jobs one can do without qualifications but there are plenty others to choose from. The misconception that one needs a university degree to succeed can be defied with proper career advise, especially with Best UK Jobs You Can Do Without Qualifications.

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