Best paying nursing home business office manager jobs

The Business Office Manager receives Accounts Receivable for the nursing home. Organizes, maintains and completes all administrative reports required for efficient functioning of the nursing home. Strives to maintain communications with other departments and with the Administrator. Manages petty cash and other finances of the facility. Maintains receipts for expenditures. Reports all significant information to the Administrator. Responsible to the Administrator. Today we are going to talk about the best paying nursing home business office manager jobs, continue reading with us.

Description nursing home business office manager job

A business office manager for a nursing home is responsible for overseeing financial operations, such as payroll, benefits administration, and accounts payable and receivable. This role may also include overseeing secretarial and accounting personnel. In this position, you will work for a facility that provides residential, long-term nursing care to its residents. A primary job duty will be dealing with all insurance payments, including private, Medicare, and Medicaid. Your job duties can involve handling refunds for accounts receivable, maintaining Medicaid logs, and helping process Medicaid applications.

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As a nursing home business office manager, other job duties may include maintaining personnel and resident files, serving as a liaison with families and community agencies, and reconciling cash accounts each month. You will need to stay current on policies regarding benefits administration and resident trust accounting. If you oversee personnel, you could be tasked with screening applicants, training new hires, and monitoring performance, including giving merit increases and handling disciplinary issues.

Required Education

You will need at least a high school diploma in order to work as a nursing home business office manager. Some nursing home facilities may prefer that you have some college experience. Suitable degree fields for this role include business or information management. In addition, nursing home facilities may prefer you have previous accounting experience.

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Required Skills

Excellent organizational skills are essential in order to successfully run the business office of a nursing home facility. You will have a wide range of tasks and will need to manage all the details and deadlines. Along with organizational skills, you will need an ability to prioritize. You may have to manage projects with competing deadlines and must be able to balance tasks. Because you may supervise office staff and assist residents and their families, interpersonal skills are important. As a nursing home business office manager, you will also need the technical abilities to work with word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Years of Experience and Salary: Best paying nursing home business office manager jobs

No conclusive data shows a link between years of experience and average nursing home manager salary. Ultimately, these jobs are like other types of office jobs, and you can expect your salary to steadily rise as you gain more experience and take on more responsibility.

A nursing home manager salary varies widely from place to place depending on the scope of the job and the budget of the facility. A typical business office manager salary is anywhere from $46,000 to $62,000 per year as of 2018. These jobs aren’t as lucrative as some office management positions in the health care industry. Compared to the average medical office manager job salary, for example, this pay range is a little low.

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Job Growth Trend

Aging baby boomers are big business for nursing homes. By the year 2030, one in five people in the United States will be retirement age, census data predicts. They won’t all need nursing homes, of course, but it’s safe to assume that the demand for nursing home care will grow in the coming decades, and that means that business manager jobs are safe.

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