Best paying jobs in power generation

Have you been looking for the highest paying energy jobs but still no luck? Do not look any further! This article will teach you about occupations in the energy sector, their pay scales, and where to look online for these positions. In this article we’ll show you the best paying jobs in power generation, continue reading.

What you should know about energy jobs

Jobs in the energy sector are employment or job opportunities that are open to anyone with the necessary training or qualifications.

There are many employers in the energy sector, including those in the oil and gas sector, the solar energy sector, the manufacturing sector, the electrical sector, and many more.

Most of these occupations offer competitive salaries and fringe benefits, making them both desirable and hard to come by.

You must have industry-specific talents to stand a chance. Some of these skills may be technical, IT-related, engineering-related, or from other relevant academic disciplines.

There will be advantages and disadvantages associated with the evolution of the energy field. The increase in currently accessible high-paying positions in energy corporations is a plus.

What is Power Generation?

Power generation is the process of generating electricity by converting other forms of energy into electrical power.

When it comes to green electricity generation, the sources are wind, solar, geothermal, eligible biomass, biogas, and other low-impact hydroelectric projects.

Derived from different natural resources, clean and renewable power helps perform several everyday activities. The best thing about using green energy is that it emits low or no greenhouse gasses and air pollutants.

Best paying jobs in power generation

1. Solar Project Developer

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Average Annual Salary: US $83,980

Solar Project Developer is the best-paid power generation job in the renewable energy sector. As you know, every project requires thorough planning to get the necessary permits and grid connections. 

Solar Project Developers combine state-of-the-art technologies and sites to develop effective solar energy solutions for renewable energy companies or clients. 

2. Solar Project Manager 

Average Annual Salary: US $100,000

Solar Project Managers coordinate materials and employees involved in solar installation. They develop effective installation plans to lower expenses and remove risks.

Solar Project Managers keep track of solar installation resources, tasks, and costs. They provide technical support to contractors and keep them updated with progress reports.

3. Wind Farm Site Manager

Average Annual Salary: US $97,500

Wind Farm Site Managers supervise the daily operations of the wind plant. They direct all wind plant operations for performance, safety, profitability, maintenance, and repair.

They coordinate project contractors and employees to ensure the smooth processing of activities.

Wind Energy Operations Managers also maintain business records and follow all safety protocols.

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4. Civil Engineer in Energy Companies

Average Annual Salary: US $86,640

Civil Engineers play a significant part in the construction of a power plant. Their role starts the moment project construction begins.

From site investigation to survey to excavation to filling to leveling to foundation and more, they look after each aspect to help renewable energy companies build successful power plants. 

5. Geoscientist

Average Annual Salary: US $91,130

Geoscientists are another high-demand renewable energy job in the energy sector. These professionals have in-depth knowledge about Earth’s physical aspects and understand how to explore potential water and land resources.

6. Financial Analyst 

Average Annual Salary: US $85,660

Financial analysts could be ideal if you’re looking for high-paying jobs in energy. These professionals collect, monitor, analyze, and study financial data. 

Companies in the power industry rely on Financial Analysts for several reasons. They help track energy spending, address financial issues, and know investment returns. 

Financial Analysts guide customers based on different solar insights.

7. Solar Power Plant Operator

Average Annual Salary: US $45,194

Many people believe that solar power plants run on auto-mode once installed. Yet, this is not the case. Each large-scale solar power project needs at least one operator to track operations.

The primary role of a solar plant operator is to operate and maintain solar machinery. They oversee and supervise all operations and keep a proper record of everything.

8. Solar Energy Software Developer

Average Annual Salary: US $72,976

Solar plant production depends on software to analyze and fine-tune equipment operations. This is where Solar Energy Software Developers come into the picture. They hold one of the crucial positions in the renewable energy industry.

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9. Research Scientist in Solar Plants

Average Annual Salary: US $104,647

Research Scientists create solutions to take the solar industry to the next level. They help determine solar storage cells that can withstand different elements of nature.

Research Scientists develop solar systems that generate the most power at least expenses.

10. Solar Project Engineer 

Average Annual Salary: US $73,800 

Solar Project Engineers play an irreplaceable role in any solar EPC firm. They handle everything, including planning, designing, and installation of solar panels.

These professionals work in the construction, manufacturing, and maintenance of solar power plants. They also coordinate with different teams within the company to ensure a smooth flow.

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