Best paying jobs in investment managers

If you have a career in finance and are looking for job opportunities, you have come to the right place. In this article we will talk about the best paying jobs in investment managers.

Let’s talk first about what is an investment manager?

Investment managers work in the financial sector, managing equity funds, fixed income securities and shares, currency or real estate on behalf of clients seeking the best return on their investment. His employers include fund and asset management groups, insurance companies and investment management banking divisions.

This area covers a market that is currently growing, which is why it becomes a profitable work option.

What are the functions of an investment manager?

  • Investment managers buy, sell and manage equity and fixed income funds, securities and shares, cash and foreign exchange deposits, or real estate, on behalf of clients.
  • – The investment management industry manages investments for many classes of clients. 
  • -These can be divided into “wholesalers” – the large institutions and companies – and “retailers” – individuals and small companies.
  • – Investment managers tend to specialize in certain market segments or investment strategies.
  • – The job is to develop and implement effective fund investment policies and strategies.
  • – Some investment management firms that run complex investment portfolios may ask their more experienced staff to provide technical training to some of their larger clients.
  • – Investment managers must maintain a broad and up-to-date knowledge of the relevant investment markets.
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Required studies

Some of the studies that allow this profession to be practiced are listed below. Keep in mind that, depending on the field of specialization, you may have to complement the training with other more specific courses in the sector. Continuous training is a key aspect for professional improvement.

  • – Degree in Financial and Actuarial Economics
  • – Degree in Economics and Finance
  • – Degree in Financial Economic Management
  • – Official Master’s Degree in Banking and Finance
  • – Official Master in Finance

Best paying jobs in investment managers

– Portfolio Manager

Average base salary: $100,408 per year

A portfolio manager is responsible for overseeing a group of investments for a major bank. This includes making decisions about what to buy and sell, as well as monitoring the performance of the investments.

– Business Development Manager

Average base salary: $68,474 per year

A business development manager is responsible for generating new business opportunities for an asset management firm. This includes identifying potential clients, developing relationships, and closing deals.

– Investment Banking Associate

Average base salary: $90,132 per year

An investment banking associate is responsible for providing support to senior bankers. This includes working on pitches, financial models, and due diligence.

– Investment Analyst

Average base salary: $72,786 per year

An investment analyst is responsible for conducting research on potential investments. This includes analyzing financial statements, evaluating risk, and making recommendations.

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– Investment Product Manager

Average base salary: $128,058 per year

The Investment Product Manager is responsible for developing and managing investment products. This includes researching new opportunities, developing products, and monitoring their effectiveness.

– Equity Research Analyst

Average base salary: $72,118 per year

An equity research analyst is responsible for providing analysis of publicly traded companies. This includes issuing reports, making recommendations, and presenting to clients.

– Fund Tax Manager

Average base salary: $122,606 per year

A fund tax manager is responsible for overseeing the tax compliance of an investment fund. This includes preparing tax returns, working with the IRS, and ensuring that the fund complies with all regulations.

– Securities Analyst

Average base salary: $67,120 per year

A securities analyst is responsible for analyzing securities. This includes researching companies, issuing reports, and making recommendations.

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– Investment Advisor

Average base salary: $89,117 per year

An investment advisor is responsible for providing advice to clients on investments. This includes developing investment plans, recommending securities, and managing portfolios.

– Senior Investment Manager

Average base salary: $125,187 per year

A senior investment manager is responsible for managing a team of investment managers. This includes setting strategy, allocating resources, and making decisions.

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