Top 10 Best paying jobs in integrated oil companies

There are so many professional opportunities in the sector for almost all fields. The oil industry works simultaneously with other fields such as finance, economics and engineering works that are carried out by many qualified people. If you are looking for a career opportunity in this field, you will be expected to go through a series of steps that are mostly likely to qualify to be eligible. If you want to know about the best paying jobs in integrated oil companies, continue reading. 

Oil and gas jobs have a pay hierarchy based on your job demand and how relevant you are in the industry. As will be stated above, there are varieties of opportunities in the oil sector for engineers, business administration and financial accountants.

If you’re looking for high-paying jobs with integrated oil companies, there are plenty available. Arguably, the oil and gas industry has the largest contribution to GDP. To say that there is money in the field is a fact. This is among the industries with the highest pay for its employees due to the boom in revenues in it. Most of the countries with oil producing industries have their workers as the highest paid person in the society.

Some of the best paying jobs in the ingested oil companies are the following:

1. Lease Operator

Average salary: $322,251 

Part of this job includes inspecting vehicles and major equipment. They must constantly monitor the equipment that is used in every part of the extraction and transportation process.

If you’re a quality control nut, then this job is for you.

2. Safety Director

Average salary: $132,141 

They must work internally to protect the safety and welfare of the workforce, but also work with surrounding communities to make sure they are compliant with all environmental rules and regulations, too.

3. Pipeline Construction Manager

Average salary: $130,087

The pipeline construction manager’s responsibility is to maintain and asset all of the wells that the company has drilled and set up.

They also make sure that all the safety measures set up by the company are being properly implemented.

4. Human Resources Advisor

Average salary: $123,341

Similarly, most oil and gas companies have a need for a Human Resources department and advisors who work in the department.

If you’re asking do oil companies pay well, you’ll find that this is one of the best jobs in oil and gas industry for people who work in a related field rather than out on a job site.

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5. HSE Manager

Average salary: $99,126

This manager is labeled HSE, which stands for Health, Safety and Environmental.

Their job is to implement and design all the safety programs for the entire organization related to these three areas.

After creating the plans, they will be responsible for updating and reviewing them constantly, and reporting to outside organizations that conduct audits on oil and gas companies.

6. Drilling Engineer

Average salary: $95,548

If you’re an engineer who likes to get their hands a little dirty in the field rather than conducting tests in a lab, then a drilling engineer could be a good job for you.

These high earning jobs with integrated oil companies require people to execute all drilling operations that seek to extract the crude oil and natural gas from the earth.

7. Project Manager

Average salary: $92,500

Project managers could be responsible for managing a variety of different tasks.

The average pay of this job is quite high, but it can also rise to being the highest-paid job in the industry overall.

Project managers are responsible for managing a certain aspect of the industry from start to finish.

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8. Oil Hauler

Average salary: $86,065

Once the oil is extracted from the ground, someone has to help transport it to the refineries where the raw material is converted into usable materials. That’s the job of an oil hauler.

It’s basically a trucking job, but it comes with some other requirements, since you’ll be transporting combustible materials.

9. Operations Director

Average salary: $84,932

Oil and gas companies can have very complex operations. Someone has to bring it all together and make sure everything runs smoothly. That’s the job of the director of operations.

This person will manage all of the essential functions for the business. This includes sales, budget, negotiations, marketing and purchasing.

10. Chemical Engineer

Average salary: $83,440

Oil and gas companies need chemical engineers to conduct tests as well as evaluations that will ensure the companies are using the right chemicals when they take crude oil from the earth.

This is an extremely important job, and it’s great for people who like to conduct experiments and tests in the lab.

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