Best paying jobs in Illinois

We will show you the best paying jobs in Illinois

1. Surgeons / Doctors

Average Salary: from $193,000 to $650,000/per year

Surgeons rank first on the list of the highest-paying professions because of the important nature of the job. The surgical profession is high-risk and requires extensive knowledge and long learning paths. Essential for a high-paying job.

2. Judges

Average Salary: from $162,000 to $546,000/per year

Judges earn fairly high salaries due to the heavy responsibilities of their jobs. Determining the fate of people is not an easy task, and high wages are well justified.

3. Lawyers

Average Salary: from $132,000 to $442,000/per year

The main reason lawyers get high salaries is that their value is high in the eyes of clients. A successful lawyer can save you/make a lot of money or waive a death sentence.

4. Bank Managers

Average Salary: from $124,000 to $416,000/per year

Managing hundreds of millions of funds and investments with all the risks makes managing a bank a very important task worthy of a high salary.

5. Chief Executive Officers

Average Salary: from $116,000 to $390,000/per year

Leaders are primarily responsible for the success or failure of the entire organization. Their huge rewards come with a huge amount of exposure and associated risks.

6. Chief Financial Officers

Average Salary: from $108,000 to $364,000/per year

Any job related to money management is automatically accompanied by high salaries. CFOs manage budgets, expenses, expenses, and revenues that directly affect an organization’s operations.

7. Orthodontists

Average Salary: from $104,000 to $351,000/per year

Orthodontists work in industries where people are willing to pay high fees for their services, which directly makes orthodontists one of the highest-paying professions.

8. College Professors

Average Salary: from $92,900 to $312,000/per year

University professorship is the highest paid and one of the most prestigious professions. Being a professor is not easy and it takes a lot of money because it takes persistence.

9. Pilots

Average Salary: from $77,400 to $260,000/per year

But this is probably the only job associated with excitement on the list. Pilots go through rigorous training programs and are responsible for the safety of thousands of people every day.

10. Marketing Directors

Average Salary: from $69,600 to $234,000/per year

The Marketing Director is responsible for increasing the organization’s revenue. They are directly responsible for building the business and are paid high salaries for this reason.

Here we will mention others which may be:

11. Finance Director

Average Salary: $196,000

12. Financial Manager

Average Salary: $186,000

13. Investment Advisor

Average Salary: $178,000

14. Risk Management Director

Average Salary: $159,000

15. Economist

Average Salary: $155,000

16. Tax Director

Average Salary: $154,000

17. Audit Director

Average Salary: $152,000

18. Investment Fund Manager

Average Salary: $148,000

19. Accounting Manager

Average Salary: $141,000

20. Auditing Manager

 Average Salary: $138,000

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