Best online jobs for teens ohio in 2022

Being a teenager can be expensive. From clothes to shoes to smartphones, you want to keep up with the latest fashions. Not to mention buying a car, saving for college, and all the other expenses parents don’t want to or can’t afford. Today we’re talking about the best online jobs for teens ohio in 2022

As you take on more financial responsibilities, you’ll need an additional source of income beyond a weekly allowance.

best online jobs for teens ohio in 2022

1. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $16.81 per hour

Primary duties: Data entry is a type of clerical work that involves using various processes like typing and voice recording for entering data into computers. Data entry clerks can work in a variety of industries, including health care, finance, retail and transportation.

Job requirements: Data entry jobs typically require fast and accurate typing skills. Age requirements depend on the company or person hiring you. Most companies require you to be 16 or 18 years old to work doing data entry.

2. Freelance graphic designer

National average salary: $19.88 per hour

Primary duties: Graphic designers design and create digital art pieces using specialized software and devices. If you’re creative and enjoy making art, you may want to consider pursuing freelance graphic design work. You’ll often set your own rates, either hourly or per project.

Job requirements: This job combines artistic skills with technology, so it’s important to know how to use graphic design software. You may need to develop a portfolio first by volunteering to create projects for student organizations, nonprofits, political groups, friends and family, and local institutions. Once you’ve built a portfolio, you can organize it in order to attract paying clients.

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3. Freelance video editor

National average salary: $20.61 per hour

Primary duties: Many industries use video content and need freelance video editors who use graphics, footage and sound to tell a story. A freelance video editor takes raw video footage and edits it for length, sound and quality. They can also be involved in video production and post-production of filmmaking.

Job requirements: You’ll need to develop your video editing skills and build your portfolio before applying for paid gigs. Communication and time management skills are also important for freelancers to be able to maximize their profits.

4. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $21.93 per hour

Primary duties: Virtual assistants perform various administrative tasks for their clients. Duties include answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, booking travel accommodations and organizing client calendars.

Job requirements: To be a virtual assistant, you’ll need to be proficient with the internet, email and computer programs and be skilled in verbal and written communication, organization and time management.

5. Freelance content writer

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National average salary: $23.24 per hour

Primary duties: Content writers create online blog articles and other webpage content for businesses to use on their websites. Content writers are usually paid per word or per piece. If you have strong writing and grammar skills, you may be able to find work as a freelance content writer.

Job requirements: To be a freelance content writer, you’ll need strong writing and editing skills. It’s a good idea to create an online portfolio of some of your best, error-free work. You’ll also need to be able to manage your time well and have strong communication skills in order to be a successful freelancer.

6. Online tutor

National average salary: $24.79 per hour 

Primary duties: One of the best-paying jobs a teen can do online is to become a tutor. While online tutoring is usually reserved for older students, certain platforms allow teens to tutor their peers for a fee. You may be able to provide online peer tutoring for a subject or course you’ve mastered or for teaching language skills to foreign, non-native speakers.

Job requirements: Online tutoring jobs often require teens to prove their mastery of the subject or course by passing a test. Platforms may also require the tutor to be at least 18 years old and/or complete several training sessions before they can begin working with other students. Most platforms require tutors to have a web camera, as sessions are usually conducted via video conferencing.

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