Bank of China hours | What time does the Bank of China Zambia open?

The Bank of China Zambia Limited is a financial institution founded in 1997 under the ownership of the BOC in Africa, which makes it the first Chinese entity to be installed in this continent.

This bank has a wide range of services for its clientele of individual users as well as corporate groups, where they can apply for credit, account creation, international settlement, foreign exchange and RMB.

With these licenses in operation, the Bank of China in Zambia opens its doors to local customers to have options and more operations in circulation.

So if you wish to attend the branches that the bank has in the African nation we share with you the schedules to know what time does the Bank of China Zambia open.

Working hours

The Bank of China Zambia Limited has a comprehensive service in financial, economic and advisory role for the funds of Zambians, which is why they recognize the importance of having a full schedule of their work.

The institution opens its doors 7 days a week and offers its services so as not to stop the activity of exchanges between the locals who are related to their company.

  • Monday: 24 hours.
  • Tuesday: 24 hours.
  • Wednesday: 24 hours.
  • Thursday: 24 hours.
  • Friday: 24 hours.
  • Saturday: 24 hours.
  • Sunday: 24 hours.

In this way, the bank’s services remain available 24 hours a day from its headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia, as specified on its official website, which reveals the institution’s compliance with the parameters required by the State.

This is how the functions of the Asian bank remain in force and adapted to the regulations that are required in the country for the operation of the local market and constant flow among its users.

Learn more about the registration of members in the Bank of China Zambia Limited on its official website and discover the economic opportunities in the African country.

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