Money, ATMs & Credit Card In Zambia
Money, ATMs & Credit Card In Zambia

Traveling to Zambia for the first time can make your experience a little bit sour. This occurs especially if you don’t try to avoid problems which may arise from loosing Money, failure to find an ATM and your Credit Card been rejected. Most places, lodges, bars and restaurants often accept VISA cards and master cards. In this article you’ll learn 3 ways to avoid and solve common complications with Money, ATMs and credit Card In Zambia.

Here’s what you should do, more especially if you’re a tourist to avoid been stranded because of money.

1.Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

Due to common Technological advancements in the world, Zambian banks have adapted and advanced in providing ATM services. FNB offers the best option because, not only can you withdraw from the ATM but also use online and mobile Banking Ewallet. Most ATM machines in Zambia are located in the town center, filling and gas stations, five star hotels, shopping malls and a few selected lodges.

Most travelers inquire in advance before booking a hotel, room or lodge. Make sure you’re clearly advised on the status if you want to access finances. Ask questions like do you accept and work with VISA or Master card? Can I pay using USD dollars? that’s of course presuming that hotel you’re interested into accepts dollar currency. Most hotels in Zambia accept foreign currencies because of the common fluctuations between the Kwacha and Dollar.

2. Money

Moving around with money in your bag or pockets is not a commended thing to do. As a traveler before living your country to Zambia. In fact before purchasing your flight ticket. Find a person in Zambia, someone you trust and deposit money onto that account. Another option is for you to open a Zambian account, or bank with major world banks like Indo Zambia Bank, Standard Chartered, FNB Zambia, Barclays, Atlas Mara, etc. Some Banks have started making the process of opening an account easy even through a mobile phone. I had my first account with FNB Zambia by simply doing that. And it only took less than 30 minutes, YEP! and I had my account opened and activated.

Take time to change your foreign currency to local our local Kwacha. Do this by simply visiting any Bank, reputable one like Zanaco Bank plc. Fill in the currency converter form and after a few minutes, between 10 t0 20 you should be done. In the same Bank, you can simply request to have a new account opened, and money transferred. Other places to change the dollar to Kwacha, includes Western union, Bureau de change and in Lusaka, you can visit Golden Coin Bureau de Change located at Arcades shopping Mall Branch.

3. Credit Cards

Credit cards are accepted in almost any place selling items except street dealers. We’ve seen people entering a market off course tourists and produce and ATM card hoping to get it swiped. Well this will not be possible because a few people, especially street sellers have an idea on how this system even works. Big outlets and super markets will not give you any problem accepting credit cards. Feeling stations do accept and process credit cards in Zambia, but don’t rely on it because some still do not support the system. Bars process Credit cards depending on the transaction, except payable parking spots and currency changing places or dealers.

If an ATM gets swallowed while you were trying to withdraw money and process a transaction. Just wait for the next working day if its already after 5 PM. Approach the Bank branch the ATM machine belongs to and explain what has just happened. Make sure to carry the identity card and other relevant documents in advance. But if you have lost or dropped the ATM car, immediately call the Bank hot line and report the card stolen. If you have access to the online banking platform block the card as soon as possible to avoid money getting withdrawn from your account.

Now that you’ve learnt how to deal with complications concerning Money, ATMs and credit Card In Zambia.


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