5 tricks to find your destination on Google Maps

Google Maps is a digital application capable of locating places anywhere in the world just by adding some coordinates, but its new tools have enabled new features that are not always known by its users.

Discover all the Google Maps data, tricks and secrets that the most important virtual map app on the market has to offer in a simple way to get better results in your next searches.

Google Maps Tricks

The traditional operation of Google Maps focuses on providing addresses, locations and access routes from the user’s point of view to the place indicated in the search engine.

Even so, there are new features that allow you to have new optics, data, tips, images and even recommendations to optimize the options.

That is why we recommend some fundamental tricks that can facilitate your next visit to Google Maps.

Create your own map

Google’s leading application has traces and locations around the globe, but sometimes these indications are not enough to find the right places.

For this, Google Maps has the option to customize the map by using the Maps website and then share it with other users or use them to find the ideal guide.

With this option you will be able to identify more specific points that you do not want to forget in your new location, such as the most important tourist sites that you do not want to overlook.

Follow the steps below and build your personalized route:

  • Choose the three-bar button in the upper left corner of the screen and select “Your Places”.
  • Once there, select the “Maps” option.
  • At the bottom of the list, find the link for “Create Map”.

Once selected, you will be able to design your route lines, add new markers, write directions or measure distances between the selected points. You will also have the option to form different layers on the same map.

3D visualization

One of the new additions to Google Maps is the 3D view in the search maps to have a better perspective and find more visual references of unknown places.

In this way, it is possible to find three-dimensional images to locate areas from specific locations as if you were flying over them.

To find the 3D view you should follow these steps:

  • Search for the country, city or location you want.
  • Enter the column of icons available in the right region of the map and select the “3D” button.
  • Within the 3D view, hold the “Control” button to move around the map to change camera angles and tilt.

From a cell phone: users who wish to incorporate this view from smartphones only have to rest on the map they wish to visualize and move with both fingers on the screen.

Once this is done you will be able to find the 3D view. This function is only available in some cities to help better locate public and tourist places.

Share location in real time

One of the biggest needs to send locations or to identify how to get to important places to meet friends, is to share the location in real time in the place where the user is in order to achieve greater effectiveness.

For this important function that saves a lot of time, it is necessary to do it from a cell phone, and then share through direct messaging applications.

  • Initially, you must find the location or point of interest you want to share.
  • If it is at a point not specified on the map, you can press and hold the location to display the option.
  • In the Google Maps menu, select the “Share” option and now link to the application and the contact you wish to send the information to.

Street View

Google Maps allows the option to get new views and perspectives of the places you want to find and not just a flat map. With this option it is possible to observe 360° images to find a greater visual reference.

To find these photographs with which to find the places on the map, just follow this series of steps:

  • Hold down the location on the map that you want to visualize.
  • Apply to the marker issued by Google Maps with the information sheet on the selected location.
  • Within the data of the place will appear the option of “Street View”, where you will be able to access by clicking and finding the new perspectives of the app.

Find establishments: gas stations

Google Maps allows you to find places anywhere in the world, but not only with manual and specific searches, but also through the application’s options to refer places of interest in new and unknown places.

That is why you can access the digital platform’s menu of options to locate official places you may need such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals or gas stations.

Each of these options are identified with an icon to find them in any region of the map.

With them you will be able to acquire all the required information such as contact numbers, prices or which gas stations are closest to you.

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