10 Ways To Find A Job In Zambia

At some point in life, before I knew it I was on the road, walking on the streets, visiting offices looking for employment opportunities. This might be a different scenario for you but hey, “the Zambian labor system is still the same for finding jobs even in 2020”. Don’t go around believing people who say, “there no jobs in Zambia because the employers are always hiring and firing.” This country, even though considered poor. Zambia is open to many business opportunities, just try and take a step to become a business owner like these rich people. I guarantee you will be very surprised with the results of your investments. But majority like myself have opted to become online marketers making money online through blogs and YouTube. Therese’s just so much that you can do at your disposal, more especially if you create your own website. But I completely understand, not everyone wants to be self employed. So this article should guide you on different ways to get a job in Zambia and become employed instantly in any organization or company.

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The Zambian labor market is open, just like everywhere you go in the world. People are always on the look out for employment. Well that unless you have been working and doing fine. If after reading and implementing the ideas on this article you fail to find work, there so many ways you can make money at home in Zambia. Just look for what motivates you and get going with online money making ventures available to make over 10,000 dollars per month.

Is It Difficult Or Easy To Find a Job in Zambia?

A short answer to this would be, “No and Yes”. Its very easy to find a job due to a number of factors in play and difficult at the same time. Finding a job is dependent on type of a job you’re looking for to how much you want to be paid. In short the conditions of service are a major determent. Mostly jobs with better conditions and highly paying get targeted more than those with poor conditions. Some people don’t get turned down by the employer but the other way round. I’ve seen people in Africa turn down employment offers and job vacancy’s when it does not meet there expectations.

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It can be difficult to ind a job in Zambia for your self, because a lot of people are probably having the same qualification. Increase in the retirement age from 50 to 55 years for early and 65 years considered to be late retirement age. With the increases number of individuals with degrees and other major qualifications now than it was back in the days. So if you still don’t get employed even after doing what’s said in this article, just understand you aren’t the only one. This how to find a job and start work in Zambia.

Here Are Ways On How to Get a Job in Zambia


Research is a close inquire in something or an area of interest to get a better understanding. Job search prepares your mind in understanding were to look for work and how you can find a job you’re searching. To find work most people just begin without put into consideration what they really need. Through research brain storm the possibilities, challenges you might face. Ask around from those already working for answers to help you get employed. Having done a good research of about a month on which path to go determines how fast and quick you find work.

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2. Job Portal Websites

These are online platforms for work and jobs where employers post jobs. Best job websites in the world, include major ones indeed.com which is an international careers portal. Use GoZambiajobs and JobwebZambia two popular local job websites making it quick and efficient to find work. Its commendable to find a job in Zambia through portals, due to the fact they refresh and push notifications to job seekers on placements similar to there profile and qualification.

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No need to go in person looking for work. Only a mobile device and computer is able to do the trick. Job sites notify signed up users every time a new job is published. Create a good profile for your profession, a kind of profession needed and if its a day job or permanent career.

3. Connections

Social networking with people is another way of finding work. Don’t get read of every connection you make. Make sure to know as much people as you can. Been in isolation makes it hard to find and know whats happening on the outside. Finding a job in Zambia can be done through friends, those you met during college or high school.

Ask through a simple message. Write something like, “Hello ‘Tasha’ its Frank Zulu from School. Its been a while since we last had a chat. Hope all is okay? Just wondering, is there any job interview happening?”. In a few minutes you should have a response.

4. News Papers

Newspapers have been in existence since the old colonial days. Most employs trust them because of a huge audience for readers and vast influence. Websites have become more popular but newspapers have remained dominant in this area of Job advertising. Read newspapers regularly to find work, check for internships and employers looking for consultancy services. This median of information has many advantages. Newspapers provide more detailed information and requirements about the job. Newspapers are reliable for a job source than websites where anyone can post a job.

5. Social Networks

Social online networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc might only be popular for news and entertainment. But these networks are also a source of employment. Create your job profile on Likedin. A profile must outline qualifications and experience back ground. If it meets the employers needs, You get contact acted and given an opportunity for interviews. Join Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups related to the work force you might be interested into and follow companies on Twitter, such as MTN Zambia, ZESCO, ZAMTEL, etc to get first hand information every time an advert is posted online.

Unlike back in the old days, social media has become a face of the world provide fast and reliable information if you just know how to utilize these platform. Filter out pages of no value and live only that which are only important to your significance of finding work, business, enterprise and employment related topics.

6. Employer Websites

Employers own websites you can use to find jobs online. Company owned websites provide information to when they need new employees. This a good way to find a job just search online for a company that you wish to know if there any job openings. You can either use a company email address on the website or you might be prompted with a form that collects information from you.

You only need scanned documents a cover letter and digital curriculum vitae (CV) to submit for an online job through employer sites. Employer websites deal specifically with needed labor and human resource in a certain specific company. Theirs a high chance to find a good career in Zambia, Online through job search engines. They line these available employment places and position listings on the website either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

7. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies help with performing the role of employing individuals on behalf of the companies. Most companies in Zambia have been eliminating the Human resource departments and working with these agencies. You can find a suitable recruitment agency and submit your qualification. If a suitable well paying job pops up that matches your criteria, you get contacted and the company hiring pays them a certain amount for employing you.

Companies hire recruitment agencies when in need of better performance, quick and efficient recruitment exercise as opposed to going through a long list of applicants to find who meets the job specifications.

8. Radio And Television (Media)

To find a job understand the means of advertising in recruitment, this is vital because it shows the need for new people to join the organization. Employers do this through a radio and local TV stations, two of the most widely used information mediums with a larger audience. Everyone during news time is mostly glued to a remote and this gives companies a slot to place there advert. To find work this year, ensure to follow through with current affairs and programs that come with a lot of advertising slots for jobs.

9. Self-promotion

Finding a job involves techniques that no one else is using. Through self-promotion, you can offer to the employer, show them what you can do and your level of performance. If you’re a programmer, do a simple project about the company, then approach them for a job based on what you have done which might be of advantage to the entity. Job searching is about been creative and smart to see the strategies no one is actually employing, such that while that window opportunity opens . The job becomes yours for the taking.

Sale out your profession to them, go through offices in Lusaka ask to see the Human resource manager, ask and explain you need a job. If there aren’t hiring, well at least its worth a try than just seating at home and waiting.

10. Consultancy

Consultancy helps major companies get help. Having a Bachelors degree in public administration gives you the needed requirements to open up a firm offering consultancy. In doing so, not only will you be making money on the side line but also exposure to the major entities looking to hire qualified personnel. And if you just happen to meet the needed prerequisites, before you know it they will be offering you offers. Once this happens you can live your business and join them, either on full time or pat time. By doing this not only does it keep one busy but improves the skills you put into practice and waves doors to new opportunities find a job in Zambia.


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